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POLICE INVESTIGATION: Two Officers Suspended

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Des Moines police wrapped up an investigation this week within their own department.

The investigation began in December when a female recruit claimed two Des Moines sergeants were harassing her. An investigation found she was being harassed by one of the sergeants but she was in a relationship with the other one.

Sergeants Tarry Pote and Brad Kress both have clean work history until now. Former police recruit, Kacie Schwake accused driving instructor Sgt. Pote of coming on to her. Investigators determined the advances went both ways.

“It was a mutually agreed upon relationship,” says Sgt. Jason Halifax.

Schwake's lie got her kicked out the police academy and returned to her job in the dispatch. The relationship between the two, resulted in Pote getting a 25 day unpaid suspension, for unprofessional behavior and for not obeying police during the investigation.

Schwake also said Sgt. Kress sexually harassed her at work. Investigators determined Kress violated the department's harassment policy; he now faces 20 days without pay.

There are no polices in the department about inappropriate work place relationships. This incident has leaders thinking there should be.

“The chief and her staff are looking over, and have been since this investigation began, looking over fraternization policies, what other departments have and how other departments use them,” Sgt. Halifax explained.

However, if two adults agree to a relationship, the department fears it will be hard to implement the policy.

“At what level can your employer dictate what you do in your personal life with two consenting adults?” Sgt. Halifax asked.

Both officers' suspension has not been scheduled. They have 14 days to appeal the decision.


  • Godfrey Cromwell

    So, with decision making skills like this, these are the people we rely upon for protection?

  • Josh Bethune

    This is scary if they let these goons be cops to protect us. I can see more “corruption” in the force if they get on. I don’t think suspension temporarily is enough.

  • Retired law

    Three knuckleheads. All three should be fired. Poor judgement is poor judgement, can em. These idiots are carrying firearms and are protecting us?

    I would have at least thought she was hotter than that.

  • Smarter now!

    This is not a surprise of these things going on in the academy as my wife, now ex wife had affairs with some in charge and others at the academy. High morals, I don’t think so! We are to respect and honor these people?

  • Ashley

    Knew her personally. I’d bet a lot of money that her allegations of harassment were 100% false on both accounts. All three of them should absolutely be fired.

    The one good thing about this is that she now will no longer be a police officer. Thank God.

  • Ms.Mitchell

    So she’s ok to go back to dispatch… And sleep with the officers… Kinda like at the prisons… If they aren’t paranoid and spending all their time watching their significant other on camera … They are busy testing 4 or 5 officers for paternity of another guard’s baby…

  • Julie

    As these comments are all negative, they may have gone about it in the wrong way, however this is their personal business and lives. Certainly everyone has made mistakes because God didn’t make anyone perfect. You should be able to be with you want to, as long as you have a mutual understanding and respect if you are working together.

    • Godfrey Cromwell

      We should not excuse unacceptable behavior. The message that should be sent to our children, is that decisions have consequences, and in the case of poor decisions, those consequences are negative.

  • Angela Krout

    I also believe that you should be able to be with who you want as long as it is 1 person. It seems like the girl is trouble. I believe she should have been fired. As far as the officers I think the suspensions are fair. Just because they got involved with the wrong person doesn’t mean they are unable to protect us or carry a gun. I know there are a lot of bad cops but not every single one of them is bad. Try imagining what it would be like if we didn’t have any cops. Not a pretty picture if you ask me. So to all the good cops out there thank you and keep up the good job.

    • Shawn

      I agree 100% , I knew her as well and this is not the first time or the last time she will do something like this, she is trouble and lies to get what she wants, but it caught up with her this time, she does not belong in the profession she is in.

  • dan

    sexual harassment usually gets a person fired. But it’s cops, it’s ok. Just like domestic abuse, it’s ok if your a cop. Cops with affairs, ok nothing to see new here, move along.

  • Rachael

    Lying and cheating and adultery, that tells you the kind of woman she truly is, that never changes.

  • Williamb

    All BS. I work for large insurance company. There is ZERO tolerance for the behavior of any of these three losers.

    They should all have been fired immediately. I promise you if they were fired, it would certainly send a message to others who were contemplating bad behavior.

    Very disappointed in chief Bradshaw.

  • my opinion

    I know what she all about. A freaking homewrecker!!! And a liar.Wow she’s batting a big fat zero.

    • Agreed

      Sociopath and always been a weirdo I went to school with her back home, no one got along with her and she was weird, so this doesn’t shock me! why wouldn’t she of been punished? She should not have a job in law enforcement, as for the other 2 cops who married, what the hell were they thinking?

  • Unsigned

    Worked there, and left with no hard feelings either way.. This is NO surprise!!! Why is she still employed? Find out who she is related to. The same with many other employees of the DMPD. What information is given to the press is minuscule compared to the what is investigated by the and disciplinary action recommended by the Office of Professional Standards…

    • Ashley

      She does have an ex husband. They should look him up if they really want to know what she’s like.

  • Sniper#2bravo

    Who cares about her personal life. That her business. Shame on you that tell all of her personal life issues. No one is perfect and only GOD will judge her. My concern is that she lied in a investigation. She needs to be fired. She is a dispatcher and wait till the next case she is involved in. She we always be known as a lier and will embarrass the whole city. She needs to be demoted to lawn care specialist. The two Sgt. Should be demoted one step. They didn’t lie, she did!

  • CJA

    She’s a HORRIBLE dispatcher and should NOT have been allowed back. She is seriously dumb. Sadly, both Sgts. ( who are really good guys ) got sucked into her web. SHE made all the first moves and played the middle.

    All you jokers saying they should be fired over a personal relationship indiscretion are idiots. And the department has no business dictating affairs of the heart when two adults are consenting.

  • CJA

    She is the WORST dispatcher up there and nobody could believe she didn’t get fired. Sad that she roped two good guys into hoe bed.

  • Glass Broken

    Throw another brink at your glass house people. Her personal life was splashed across the news as if anyone has a right to comment. If she really lied then they wouldn’t have been disciplined. Everyone has their cross to bare. Everyone involved still has lives and families, no one should be slandered they way the news has her. Also if she really was bad at her job why would they allow her to go back? They wouldn’t.
    Kress gets 20 days for sexual harassment
    Pote gets 25 days for what he did to her, rumor has it 5 of those days is for sexually harassing a citizen; sounds like a trend of pushing unwanted attention on women. Just like his brother. Maybe they should look into his mental stability.
    And after all of that why leave them in charge?

  • Serious?

    @glassbreaker, she went for him she started the relationship with him, then goes and turns him in? If she didn’t want it, she wouldn’t of went for, sounds to me, as a recruite officer he should not got involved and especially still being married, as for kress she started a relationship with him, while she was married and rumor has it her husband found out and hot him with his car at one point, she let that relationship go to mess with another cop who has kids and a wife, Do you not see the pattern?

    • Glass Broken

      Because you were in any of these supposed relationships?
      That’s like asking what was the girl wearing after being raped as if she asked for it. There is probably much more to this then the story has said and once again if they weren’t guilty of anything they wouldn’t have been suspended. As for the men involved who are the real homewreckers here. They are the ones who stepped out of their marriages. Make sure your life is perfect @serious before you start throwing rocks

  • @Glassbreaker

    She also wouldnt of been demoted and continuing to harrass family’s of others. It’s not over.

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