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TORNADO CLEANUP: Volunteers Descend On Panora

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An Iowa non-profit is helping Panora residents repair their homes.

Two tornados ripped through the Lake Panorama area Sunday night. Fortunately no one was hurt or killed. But a row of condos and several homes were damaged.

Non-profit “Global Compassion Network” out of Eagle Grove sent a team to help on Thursday. In all, 26 people volunteered their efforts.

“Today basically they are cutting up the trees and limbs and trying to pick up debris. There are a few buildings that are down that we’re using Skid Loaders to pick that up and hauling off the debris and racking and cleaning up as best as we can,” Sherri Kubly explained.

The volunteers will be there through Friday evening.

If you would like to volunteer call Global Compassion Network on (563) 920-7855. Volunteers will meet at Boulder Beach Friday at 8 a.m.