GOLDEN APPLE: May 2014 Winner

It's the last math class Nathan Clayberg will ever take at Pella High School.

“At the first introduction to the concept we couldn’t be more lost then by the end of the day or the next day we're all like fist pumping or at least I am because we solved the problems and it’s a lot of fun,” laughs senior, Clayberg.

It’s also Dennis Linn’s final year teaching it.

“When they say something like I understand now I really get this so that’s always the highlight of everyday to see that,” says Linn.

Linn has convinced students why math matters for two decades including his own son, Jesse.

“I never knew what to call him in class. Should I call him dad? Or should I call him Mr. Linn?” laughs Jesse Linn.

In 40 years of convincing, something clicked. His love for math has rubbed off on others.

“We have three of four math teachers that are my students and that’s a great feeling,” says Linn.

Evidence the subject matter may have something to do with a student’s success, but it's the teachers who make all the difference.

“I think any time that someone is passionate about something invests in other people and shares that passion that’s a special thing,” says Clayberg.

Linn will retire at the end of the school year. He says his only plans are to spend time with this family and grandchildren.

Watch the complete interview with Dennis Linn below:

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