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RELAY TEAM: Albia Athlete Suspended For Prank

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Albia High School's performance at the Drake Relays was Hoosieresque. The Blue Demons became the smallest school to win the 4-by-400 meter relay in 95 years, but their next goal was to break the state record. That won't happen after their anchor, Alex Schultz, and 9 other students were involved in a school prank.

According to Superintendent Kevin Crall, around 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday, Albia police, on a routine patrol, saw through the front windows at the high school items in the hallway that they knew weren’t supposed to be there (cafeteria tables). They called Crall who arrived at about 1:45 a.m. and found cafeteria tables moved throughout the building, as well as some toilet paper strewn about.

In investigating further, Crall discovered several students, including a few athletes, still in the building.

Apparently 10 students had entered the building unauthorized with a card key taken without permission from an adult who had worked with students during the year.

Crall said no criminal charges are being filed and that the incident is being handled internally with discipline and Code of Conduct measures.

“I hesitate to call it vandalism because there was no permanent damage and no intent to do permanent damage,” said Superintendent Kevin Crall. “But it was a serious violation of school rules and we’re handling it in a way that makes it clear to students that this sort of thing will not be tolerated.”

Schultz, a senior, was suspended for the state qualifying meet and will not run at the state championship.

Albia Track Coach, Todd Ratliff, told Channel 13 Sports in an e-mail that, "They are good kids. Just failed to think about what they were doing, and the consequences that it carried. With that said, we are forced to move forward. We were able to still qualify 11 events for the state meet with a district runner up position. For that I am very thankful. And no one will ever be able to take away the accomplishments that this team had this year."


    • Jess

      what did they steal? the toilet paper that they threw around?
      the access card? Yes, I guess they did technically steal that, but, putting that on their records seems a little harsh. It’s a small town, nothing was damaged. Geesh, give a little.

      • Levi (former albia student)

        First @ jess it clearly stated there were no charges against the “star students” which truly suprizes me that the Albia police didn’t press trespassing charges being the wonderful law enforcement they are and I believe if they were anyone else like someone with a previous record charges would have been pressed against them, but since albia plays favorites the people who seem might have a bright future won’t see the extent of the law it is still tresspassing and breaking an entering and should have been persued if it were me and my friends, when I was still in school since we didn’t play sports and looked like trouble makers we would have been charged. Like I said albia in general accepts favoritism and I don’t believe that is fair one bit someone who drives an expencive nice car gets pulled over for speeding they get a warning or a reduced ticket and is on their way me on the other hand I drove a probe gts with racing stripes and I get pulled over for speeding even though they couldn’t show me how fast I was going I get searched and I was told if I was to give them permission to search my car they would let the speeding ticket go, plus I’ve heard a few things a certain 2 officers have done illegally moral of my story, Albia is a crooked town in general if you plan on doing anything there obey the rules don’t give them any reason to pull you over because they will

      • Jess

        Replying to Levi –
        I DON’T think there should be charges. If you look at my post, I am replying to Troy because I think he was going over the top saying the kids should have charges pressed against them.

    • Albia

      All were good students who were members of: student council, honor society, homecoming court, and all were athletes .I doubt any jury would prosecute these students for taking a parent’s ( of one of the 10) key card without permission. These kids did their 20 hrs of hard labor, missed their senior awards, and were issued additional codes of conduct for community service. Lay off, Troy, you are an idiot for commenting on things you know very little about.

      • Ex student of Albia

        I’m sort but I went to school there for three years a knew the kids who did this “stand up students” yeah, maybe on paper. Just because they’re apart of all those things doesn’t make them “great kids” I think you need to lay off Troy because he is right just becuse they’re part of all these things doesn’t exclude them from punishment. I’m sure if it was a kid who didn’t take part in things or wasn’t a state athlete you’d be on the opposite end saying they need to be charged

      • albia

        No…I am sure I have enough common sense and information to evaluate the difference between a senior prank and criminal intentions. No need to tarnish these kids clean records. They were all punished appropriately. There is no need to knuckle it over. These kids need to go on and become productive citizens. What you are suggesting is the opposite. Do onto others as you would have done to you.

    • Karen

      You may want to look up what burglary is. This was not a burglary, they didn’t steal anything from inside the school.

      • Kirk

        From the Legal Dictionary: Burglary. The criminal offense of breaking and entering a building illegally for the purpose of committing a crime.
        Even if no other crime was committed, trespassing is a crime and thus, they did commit burglary, even if they were not charged for it.

  • Just a mom

    Glad the coach didn’t say it was wrong to suspend him. Nothing like letting your relay team down. Best of luck to the rest of the team.

  • BrutallyHonest

    This is all pretty harmless. I know when i was in high school we did much worse, but yet still harmless, pranks. And to all of those who are going to reply with, i didnt do things like this in high school, you are all a bunch of liars or you were home schooled.

  • concerned person not only for the team but for Schultz

    I appreciate the the way WHO reported the story. I think the Coach has handled it gracefully. He is looking forward to the State Meet with the teams and individuals that had qualified. I think we should support him in his effort to continue with pride for the rest of the team. I also don’t understand how the penalty can be so harsh for one student and hear nothing about the penalty for the other 9 students. Track is something that Schultz has put his heart and soul into and it seemed a little harsh to me to penalize him as has been done. Yes something such as community service, maybe cleaning in the school or something would be suitable as punishment, but taking something away from him and the whole team seams a little harsh!

    • Jess

      No, you know, I guess I am glad to see an athlete have to pay for this errors. All too often (Iowa Hawkeyes….) we allow someone to get away with something because they are an athlete…an important part of the team.

      This young man knew what he was risking when he went into the school unauthorized and pulled his prank.

      Athletes and others in competitive school activities should be held to a higher standard to a degree. They are representing the school. If he had been a member of the show choir, jazz band, the tech club, etc, that had a big competition coming up instead of a track star, he should have had to miss that.

      Being involved in extracurricular activities is a privilege, not a right. Students need to remember that.

      Schultz was very selfish when he took part in this prank. The other 3 boys on the relay have also probably put their heart and soul into track as well. Schultz was apparently willing to take the risk himself, he chose to take it for those other boys as well.

      You don’t know if his punishment was any more harsh than the others or not since we don’t know what theirs was.

      I’m glad the kids just did some harmless pranking and no actual damage. Unlike Troy, I don’t think they need to get police records out of this.

      This is not the behavior of a person you want representing the school. Sadly for the rest of the boys on the track team, they school made the right choice.

    • Factual Evidence

      Here’s the gist of the story. 10 students went into the school with a key card that had been taken from one student’s parent; they moved all of the school’s lunch tables out into a hallway, moved some desks from classrooms and used window paint on mirrors and windows in the school. At some point the superintendent of the school came into the school and tried to stop the kids who all proceeded to run. As the kids tried to flee the scene, one car that had some of the perpetrators inside was pulled over by police. They were brought back into the school and eventually told the names of all of the other students. Every one of these students was forced to complete a minimum number of community service hours in just 4 days before their graduation in order to be allowed to walk across the stage and accept their diplomas at their ceremony. Due to this not being Alex Schultz’s first code of conduct violation he was suspended from participating in any further athletic events. 3 of the other students were also suspended from baseball and soccer as this was not their first offense either, while all of the other were forced to simply complete the community service in due time. These other students are allowed to continue participation because it was their first offense. There is no favoritism or anything of the sort being played in this situation; yes, it was kids playing a dumb, harmless prank, but they broke into the school and should be grateful that this was the only penalty that they received.

    • bob

      They didn’t take it away from him. He took it away from himself. He had two prior code violations and knew a third would be the end for him. He chose to break into the school at 1:00 am. He chose to let his teammates down. Did he apologize to them? Probably not. Instead he is blaming everyone else for his “prank” and the ramifications of it. In what reality is it ok for a student to break into the school and not get punished for it? How many code violations do we let him have? At what point does he have to accept responsibility for his actions? I fear for his future when adults seem to think he should not have serious consequences for this. When he skips work later in life because he went out the night before, is he going to blame his boss for firing him? When he wrecks his car drunk, is it going to be the bartender’s fault? Would we be having this discussion if he couldn’t run fast?

  • Jeff B

    The Iowa High School Atheletic Association needs to step in when situations like these develop. Most school’s Code Of Ethics are the same but schools implement them differently. A few years ago, wrestlers at West Marshall broke their Code of Ethic when they posted an inappropriate photo on facebook directed toward another team. They were allowed to wrestle at qualifier Additionally, I remember members of SEP basketball team were caught at a party where alcohol was present but they “lawyered up” and were able to play at state. Need to be consistent.

    • Kirk

      Having graduated from ACHS and being a resident in the West Marshall School District, I am familiar with this. The Iowa High School Athletic Association was involved in the West Marshall episode. That event was not illegal, but it certainly was not in following the code of conduct. The resolution entailed the WM Wrestling Team in total going to the Don Bosco school and apologizing to the wrestling team and the student body. This resolution was satisfactory to both schools and was considered settled by the IHSAA.

  • Jessica

    I live in Albia and I think the kids getting off pretty easy. If that was any other kid, the punishment would have been even harsher. This is a small town and it’s all about favoritism and what name you have. Always has been and alway will be. Let it be a kid with the wrong family and very little money and they would have been expelled from school completely. I think not getting to go to state is being easy on him.

  • Ann

    There was no real damage other than to Schultz. The other 9 people involved had no repercussions that I read of, so why is he the only one to have something taken away from him that he’s worked very hard for all year long? I understand rules and laws, but you also have to understand it’s their Senior year and they were celebrating a huge accomplishment, in a joking manner, instead of getting drunk and tearing up the town or killing someone by driving drunk! So in my opinion, these kids did use their brains!

  • Sandy

    It has never been fair in high school, the only ones to get punished are the ones active in things, if your not in sports or extra activities then nothing happens to you, I know they are suppose to be role models, but everyone makes mistakes, and no one was hurt.

  • Megan

    They violated the code of conduct, they should not be allowed to participate. Otherwise, where’s the consequence? A slap on the wrist?

  • Pam

    I think if it isn’t serious enough for charges, then it shouldn’t be serious enough to possibly ruin his chances of scholorships if he doesn’t run. You don’t have to destroy him, just because you have the authority to. 300 hours of community service might make him think twice the next time.

  • Ann

    That is so stupid. The kid’s a senior, it was a joke. Way to ruin a little HARMLESS fun, and destroy what is probably his only opportunity to do this. People are morons.

  • Erin

    When you do something wrong you should pay for what you’ve done plus extra to compensate those who have been hurt. There was no property damage, but police had to investigate and I’m sure janitors had to clean up. How about a public apology over the schools PA, and doing the janitors duties for x number of days…if these things are not done then he shouldn’t be allowed to run.

  • Tammy

    As I see it…do the crime, do the time…or in this case…be suspended. Come on, he’s a senior, he should have known better! And despite the earlier accomplishment, he obviously had no pride OR respect for his school or he wouldn’t of done the prank in the first place.

  • Coach

    Why were they not charged with trespassing? At 1:45 am. I don’t believe they are to be there. Did the person that gave them the key card get in any trouble?

    • Albia

      No one “Gave” them the key card. The key belonged to a parent and was taken without permission, just as they entered the school without permission. They were not charged with “Trespassing” as the Administrators had the common sense to know the difference of a harmless senior prank and burglary.

  • Mother!

    Harmless Fun – Let it go! It was not right, but I could think of a lot worse things they could have done. Small town fun….

  • albia hometowner

    Yes what they did was stupid and childish but they did it in all good fun not to hurt anyone not to even hurt school property.we were all high school seniors once and know how it was….to take away something that they have been working for their four years at the school is wrong yes should they get into trouble absolutely but to take away their dreams and goals that they have worked for absolutely not!!!

    • bob

      Wrong! If they really worked that hard for it, they would never risk it by breaking into the school at two in the morning. Get a clue.

  • Don't punish

    When you think about the things they could have done but didn’t, I think you should be thankful. They had the opportunity to do damage while in there but didn’t.

  • Sara

    I’m guessing the other boys were given the same punishment, likely suspended from whatever their next athletic event(s) are. Schultz is being pointed out because his next athletic event happens to be state track, and his relay team had previously been featured for their success. Hard lesson to learn, but those kids will likely think twice about their actions. Better this than anything worse!

  • Kirk

    Actions have consequences. If you win track events you get medals praise and scholarships…if you vandalize you get suspended. Seems pretty simple to me.

  • Alumni Member

    Are you people kidding me? It does not matter that they were “standup students” or “the schools greatest athletes” these kids took a card key, that was not theirs, and got in the school at the early hours of the morning. If students that didn’t have these titles would have done the same thing you all would be saying “that’s right” or “they’re not getting carged” get a grip people. We can not excuse that kind of behavior! I think that the schools secession to give the students a “code of conduct” was a good one, and the students involved got off the hook for not being charged.

  • Brandy

    As long no one got hurt and so what that they moved some stuff around. Not as bad on what we did. If nothing got hurt or broken then why not let them still run. Get over it. It’s not like you guys didn’t do something when you were in high school.

  • John

    Before Schultz got in trouble, the news cameras were swarming the 4×4 team to showcase their talent. Pretty low to single out a single individual for moving around a few lunch tables. He may not be running at state, but they will still win 4×4, as well as 4×2. And after they do, I hope they stiff you guys on the interview.

  • Jessica

    What’s the difference between them doing this at a school or breaking into someone’s house and doing it to a person?

  • dan

    They deserve to be punished but do it another way. Sports are a test, plain and simple, extra curricular. Would they keep him out of a math test for this? No. Let them finish their sports. 20 years from now, you want to hear stories like, gee I wasn’t allowed to play in sports or man I had to clean the bathrooms etc. because they were playing a prank. I believe it is normal at that age to do pranks, I think it shows intitiative. It would be different if they were tearing up something.

  • Jess

    If this situation had been dropped and there had been no punishment, or Shultz was allowed to run, you would have a million commentators out here yelling that it was favoritism because he was an athlete. People would be yelling about how if it had been their kid, the math whiz, he’d be in jail.

    There is not perfect solution to this problem other than the kids not doing something they knew was wrong in the first place.

    Yes, they could have done a lot worse, but, they could have just stayed home too. They chose.

  • Go Big Blue!

    Everyone, please review the post from “Factual evidence.” Please. It was the fact that Alex had previous codes that got him suspended and nothing else. They were wrong, and everyone involved that I have spoken to owns that. They are great kids with bright futures, but were’nt thinking on this particular occasion (or previous occasions for the ones with previous code of conduct issues.) In the end, they are kids who did a stupid thing and have been reprimanded accordingly.

  • Jacque- Albia

    I would just like to say that Alex was not the one to steal the key card. Also, there are worse things happening in the world than some kids pulling a little prank. Did the vandalize the school? Nope. I was scrolling through the stories on Channel 13’s Facebook page and there were stories about 2 dead bodies found and a guy raping a 12 year old. I think we can all move past this and stop the gossiping and bickering about a CHILD who, among several others, pulled a little prank on the school for FUN.


    • Jess

      He’s a SENIOR Jacque. I don’t think that hardly qualifies as a child anymore. If he is just a child, he shouldn’t be driving, and he sure as $*#$& shouldn’t be out ‘pulling little pranks’ at the school at 1 o’clock in the morning. that child’s mommy and daddy need to know where he is in the middle of the night.

      No one is really gossiping. Simply stating that he has broken the code of ethics before. I guess he was acting pretty childish when he took away the opportunity of a life time from the other 3 kids on the relay team.

      • concerned person not only for the team but for Schultz

        you need to know more about his parents before you say anything..His father is deceised and saying things like you have is very hurtful. I know as I lost my parents at a young age and things like was said is more hurtful than you know!!!!

  • Jess

    and for everyone who says this is no big deal, they could have done worse things. I agree.
    but, there still needs to be a punishment. they didn’t intend to destroy anything, but, what if they had?
    If you have to do something to show you are seniors, TP the school. Don’t break in and risk breaking things.

    • John

      They all received a punishment. That night they had to stay at the school and clean up the “prank,” as well as 20 hours of community service, working as janitors.
      Also, they walked right into the building, they didn’t risk breaking anything.
      They also all received codes of conduct, which goes away after a year. He got different code just over 11 months ago, but has had a clean record since. Only problem here is that codes of conduct only affect athletes, all the other participants in the prank lost nothing, he lost two state titles.

      • Jess

        They risked breaking things once in the building, banging a table into a glass trophy case or such.

        If there had been code of conduct violations by these kids before, or even just some of them, then they knew what they were risking.

        I feel very bad for the rest of the team. Schultz let them down.

  • former lady dee

    Yes, breaking into the school is illegal and a code of conduct violation. Plenty of athletes from Albia have faced the same fate as Schultz due to their own CHOICES. The only reason this has become a huge deal is the media publicity. Other ACHS athletes (and every other school in the state!) have been able to quietly sit on the side lines. Don’t place blame on the school, quit talking about it and move on!
    Good luck to the Albia Blue Demon and Lady Dee state track qualifiers!

  • Kirk

    Having a clean record for 11 months only means that he didn’t get caught doing anything else. Had he waited another month he would have had less repercussions.
    Those that have less to lose have less to consider when entering into risk management.
    It is unfortunate that he was unable to participate at the State Meet, but he knew the consequences going into the prank. It sounds that all involved have owned their part of it and that speaks well of them. It is a tough lesson, but a lesson that is fair and just. Prosecuting them without considering mitigation would be uncalled for, but allowing an individual to escape the penalty simply because he participates in an extracurricular activity would certainly send the opposite message of responsibility.
    If they didn’t think what they were doing was wrong, why did they do it in the wee hours of the morning?

    • former lady dee

      Completely inappropriate comment John. Ever heard of weightlifting? Hard work? Albia has an outstanding weightlifting program and most of their athletes put many hours into that program.
      If you are an adult making these comments maybe its time to grow up. If you seriously have nothing better to do than make false accusations against a kid in high school you might want to stay off the news comment sites and find a
      way to become more educated before you open your mouth (or move your fingers).

      • Levi (former albia student)

        They are faulse you really believe theyre on steroids? I’m not one to call names but you are a piece of work.. don’t make accusations without knowing the truth behind them. Because in my opinion I think you are just jealous you couldn’t accomplish what you wanted to in high school so you are trying to bring others down

      • concerned person not only for the team but for Schultz

        I agree with Bob and if you don’t know for sure you should keep your opinions to yourself.

  • concerned person not only for the team but for Schultz

    I don’t mean I agree with Bob I mean I agree with former lady dee and Levi. Bob grow up!

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