FLAGS REPLACED: Masonic Cemetery Ready For Memorial Day

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Last Memorial Day, someone took $2,000 in flags from the Masonic Cemetery in Des Moines. All new flags and then some have since been donated as the cemetery preps for this Memorial Day.

It was a big job for Boy Scouts and Girl Scout troops who volunteered today. They helped place flags on 650 veterans’ grave-sites.

However, not all the flags were put out on Saturday. Crews will finish the job later this week.

Cemetery manager, Johnny Audette, says the cemetery was able to recover thanks to the donations. He hopes now the thieves will respect the veterans and community effort.

“A little flag to honor what we enjoy for our freedom goes a long way and these kids really going to enjoy doing what they do.”

The cemetery says they are boosting their security on the grounds. They will have watchmen guarding the flags all day on Memorial Day.


  • William Denison

    Who would steal 650 flags out of a cemetery? Where I live folks put those little flags in your front yard if ya want one or not and your forced to run them over with the lawn mower.

  • sambo253

    only an unpatriotic idiot would not want one in their yard..and only an absolutely foolish and retarded person would run it over with a lawn mower..

  • Suzy B

    I’m glad they got replaced. The cemetery just didn’t seem right without them. People, please have some self respect & respect for others & leave the flags alone. If you mow over a flag, you obviously have no self respect or respect for our country, why don’t you move to another country where that kind of disrespect is tolerated!!

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