HOME BREAK-IN: House Burgled, Vandalized

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A 90-year-old Des Moines man had spent the day visiting his wife in the nursing home. When he got home Friday, he found someone had broken into his house, stolen $200 and scribbled the initials “JV” on his appliances and cabinets.

James Crawford said, “I saw the blue writing on the cabinet and on the fridge and on the microwave.”

He believes the thief used a marker to write the initials, although he wasn’t sure what the two letters meant or represented.

“No need to get upset or mad,” Crawford said as he cleaned up, “It’s just a lot of work.”

Police have not announced any suspects.


  • dan

    At least WHO gets more of the story than KCCI. kcci seems to be left leaning pro gay, pro anti 2nd amendment and if you disagree your post gets removed or you get black listed from posting. I’ll take more of the story more than a good spelling reporter everytime.

  • plynitsafe

    This is Horriblle !! I’m sure whoever done this knew an elderly man lived there alone. Most things like this are ones right in your neighborhood. I disllike reading articles like this, makes me so angry that anybody .. could do this to a man of this age.

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