SNEAK PEEK: Dave Price’s Take on What to Watch

The Insiders preview: Dirty laundry and guns highlight our conversations with two men running in the crowded Iowa 3rd District Republican primary.

Here's what to watch with Monte Shaw:

--How Shaw highlights his background as the reason he is unique as a candidate in the race.

--Why he's against the way others want to cut federal government programs

--The claim he makes that he admits he hasn't verified as true for himself

--Why he praises success of a Democrat's time in the White House

--What it is like to be on the wrong side of the headlines

Here's what to watch with Brad Zaun:

--How Zaun uses "battle-tested" to praise what he brings to the race

--Why he says his second run for Congress will go better than his first run

--What he has heard since he admitted he carried a gun into the Iowa Statehouse

--Why he thinks he should have answered a question with "It's none of your business". But he didn't.

Doug Gross has been a contributor to The Insiders for years. It's not often he has found himself in the headlines the way he has been lately.

Gross, Governor Terry Branstad's one-time chief of staff and long-time adviser, gives his side of the public spat he and the governor had.

Here's what else to watch with Gross:

--The reason the governor seemed to get ticked off at him

--Whether he is still talking with the governor

--Whether someone else has the governor's ear and replaced him in the inner circle.

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