STRONG START: Iowa Speedway Season

The Iowa Speedway kicks off its first weekend of the season at the now NASCAR owned Iowa Speedway.

The main event, the NASCAR Nationwide Series is tomorrow afternoon, but plenty of fans are already celebrating what they say is a promising future for racing in Iowa. "When I first heard NASCAR was going to purchase the track I thought this is great, because that means the track is not going to die. That means that someone is really interested in what the fans are thinking,” said fan Susan Tesmer.

Some fans have been out all day enjoying the weather, grilling and watching racers practice and qualify. Officials estimate around 15,000 fans will be out at the speedway this weekend.

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  • William Denison

    It went from 40,000 people expected to turn out to now maybe around 15,000. The truth is maybe closer to 10,000….maybe. Who in their right mind would want to spend a day in Newton anyway?

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