TWITTER RANT: Barnstormer’s Owner Criticizes Fans

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More than 600 million people use Twitter. While, social media experts warn users to be careful what they post, not all people obey their suggestions.

Iowa Barnstormers owner, Jeff Lamberti, is no stranger to using social media to rant about his team’s losses and he was at it again Saturday night.

“Yeah I probably shouldn`t have said it,” admits Lamberti.

Lamberti tweeted to his followers, “Probably best to just end things based upon our play” and "Well given the support we have now, it really doesn’t matter.”

Lamberti says the tweets were not directed towards his players but for his fans.

“When it comes to football our fans want to win and we understand that we want to win too.”

The team has had 4 straight losing seasons at Wells Fargo Arena. Season ticket sales are down and when the team loses, fans get rowdy. Lamberti says he’s is tired of being in the middle.

“Quite frankly, I probably shouldn`t have vented that way. I get frustrated not being able to be a fan just like everyone else.”

He admits the team needs all the fans they can get but yelling at them in 140 characters or less may not be the best way to keep a fan base.

“It’s probably not going to help, but maybe people will come to see if the team reacts to what he said about them,” says Barnstormer fan, Austin Narber.

However, Lamberti says he doesn’t regret his actions and will likely resort to social media tirades again.

The Barnstormers lost to the Cleveland Gladiators 63-46.


  • Mike Cee

    A drunken crybaby. Nothing more.

    Lamberti, grow up and become a real adult. Until then feel free to stomp off and take your toys to another sandbox.

  • josh

    oh this idiot who claims he has no interest in any other casinos and crap, but the whole thing with cedar rapids showed he does does have a hidden stake in that among other things/places
    and now is whining because people aren’t shelling out ungodly amounts of money for his stuff and who is running for congress as well as head of the gaming commission? God i hope this guy goes away, another corrupt public figure who thinks he has the right to screw others and then scold them for not caring about his stuff or screwing him over? what a hypocrite.

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