AFRICAN JOURNEY: Iowa Firefighters Donate Truck

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In November, Channel 13’s Jodi Whitworth told you about members of the Indianola Fire Department heading to Africa to deliver a fire truck to a village that didn’t have a working one.

The delivery was a success.

The department shipped the truck from Alaska to Indianola for a makeover then it was sent on to Zambia in Africa. It is now at its new home in the village of Katate.

Members of the fire department also made the trip, donating gear and teaching 200 kids about fire prevention.

While there, they ran into a firefighter from Des Moines who was staying in town nearby. He also donated 30 sets of gear to African firefighters as well.

The Indianola Fire Department is now planning how to donate another fire truck to the village and bring African firefighters to the states for additional training.