PULLED OVER: Jack Hatch Caught Speeding

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A democratic gubernatorial candidate is speaking out after being caught speeding over the weekend.

Jack Hatch’s campaign says the state patrol caught the state senator on Interstate 80 in Altoona driving 65mph in a 55mph construction zone.

“I take responsibility, and offer no excuses. I will pay this ticket in full when I return to Des Moines Tuesday. Accountability is important,” Hatch said in a statement.

Hatch has been critical of Governor Branstad over speeding. Last year he released a campaign ad playing off of the incident where the state trooper driving Governor Branstad was caught speeding but wasn’t pulled over.

The trooper was issued a speeding ticket after the incident came to light.

The ad claims speed limits don’t apply when Branstad is a passenger.


      • Sniper#2bravo

        I agree Bill! We will see BOBBY BOY! This state has had enough of. Terry. It’s time for him to retire and enjoy his family before The Lord calls him home. We need some new blood in the state!

  • LOL

    If we was in a 55 zone, wouldn’t that mean that he was in the construction zone on 80? Dont fines go up in construction zones?

    • Mike Cee

      Good job dredging up something that occurred almost a quart of a century ago. Wait-you’re one of the dope smokers, right? Sorry, I forgot that you don’t have any perception of time, and you harbor limited intellect. Your ignorance is excused because of your dope smoking.

      • BrutallyHonest

        What does dope smoking and the fact that Eric Braindead did drive drunk and kill two people and got off with a slap on the hand. Also, atleast future Gov. Hatch received and is admitting responsibility for the ticked he did get. I do not remember Terry receiving a ticking for traveling almost 20 MPH OVER the speed limit.

  • Mike Cee

    You’d think he’d be smart enough to not to speed-period. Especially in a construction zone.

    Typical politician

  • Sniper#2bravo

    I’d vote for him. At least he did not make up an excuse and he did not lie and blame others. Also people go a lot faster than what he was doing. He has my vote.

  • dan

    Terry might not be my first choice, but then I think about the Culver years and get cold chills, and wake up screaming in the night.

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