ROAD RULES: Holiday Weekend Travel Safety

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As we approach the Memorial Day holiday, Iowa law enforcement wants you to buckle up.

Agencies from all over the state are taking part in the national Click It or Ticket campaign. It starts Monday and runs until June 1st.

The goal is to save lives and reduce serious injuries in crashes.

During last year’s Memorial Day holiday weekend, three people died in accidents. Two of those fatalities were alcohol related.

In 2013’s stepped up enforcement, officers handed out more 31,000 traffic violations including 12,000 speeding tickets, 5,600 seat belt violations, and 530 OWIs.

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  • Brian

    ‘The goal is to save lives and reduce serious injuries in crashes.”

    Which is exactly why the pull over people driving two blocks through town at speeds less than 30? Seriously, if it was about saftey this law would be limited to speeds exceeding 50mph.

    It’s all about generating revenue at joe citizen’s expense without calling it a tax.

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