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THREE MINUTES: Candidate Nathan Blake

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The primary race to replace Jack Hatch in the Iowa Senate is underway and the first of three Democrats is taking his turn spending three minutes in the chair with Dan Winters.

The order was randomly chosen and Nathan Blake starts the series. Blake works for Iowa's Attorney General, busting criminals in the consumer protection division.


  • Deb Lammey

    Nathan Blake, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!

    Cosmetologist or aka “hairdressers” DO NOT go to school for years and years. Iowa law requires 2300 HOURS. if you go full time that is only about 1 YEAR!!! We are then required and benefit from, 8 hours of continuing education every 2 years. It is necessary to achieve all the knowledge and skills of our field. It renews us and gives us a chance to learn from our peers!!!

    PLEASE DO NOT dumb down our industry, we have worked hard to bring recognition, respect, and pride to our chosen field.

    Now if you must focus on something, look into the COST of our education it has seen a dramatic increase in the last couple decades and that increase does not reflect the income we earn.
    compare what it cost us for a year of education and what one year in a university college cost. We pay more than most private colleges cost in a year.

    In my 29 years of working as a cosmetologist, I am proud of the education I have acquired and thankful that I have to reinvest my time in more education to better my self and my craft!!! I learn something new every time!!!!
    So until you do your home work or walk in my shoes please do not speak for me, or our industry !!!

  • karen renslow

    Mr Blake….I would like to see you go to a beauty school and have your hair cut by a beginner…and then in a few months, go back and get your hair cut by someone who is ready to graduate…now tell me which one was better??

    You are an idiot to think we don’t need those hours to learn and practice hair cuts..perms..and color..

    Next you are going to say that a 16 yr old can just go take a test and if they pass the written that they can have a license to drive…even though they never took drivers ed..

    If you want to do something for us PROFESSIONALS. .regulate the pricing of beauty school …It is outrageous what they charge…BUT. .do nothing about the hours it takes to be a professional..

    Karen Renslow

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