TRAIL HUB: Excitement Over Ankeny Project

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The Ankeny community is amped up about a new development in uptown. The $2 million project broke ground this weekend.

“The High Trestle Trail is one of our favorite trails,” says Laura Beebe, a member of Iowa Women’s Bike Club and regular trail rider.

The 26 mile stretch from Woodward to Ankeny is a high traffic trail.

“It gets a lot of usage out to the bridge and back. There’s over 150 Ankeny residents alone utilize it every day,” says Ankeny Parks and Recreation Supervisor Nick Lenox.

Coming soon, a trail head will mark the High Trestle Trail. The new Ankeny Market and Pavilion or AMP will include two open air shelters, restrooms, and parking. The area will house the farmer’s market during the summer and community activities the rest of the time.

So far, organizers have raised $1.4 million for the project..

“This year will be able to do infrastructure and utility work. Next year, the trail will go through all the way south through the site down to ordinance road as well as we’re hoping to erect a pavilion next year,” says Lenox.

“It will bring more business uptown. Draw people in to go out for a day trip, ride the trail come back, maybe stop, get something to eat,” says Ankeny resident Kari Holm.

There are also plans to extend the High Trestle Trail through Ankeny. Once the trail is complete, riders, runners and walkers will be connected to Altoona, Bondurant and Des Moines.

“Ankeny has really got wonderful trails.  I think it’s smart of them to continue to spruce up this area,” says Beebe.

The city put up $50,000 for the project. The rest of the money is being raised through donations and grants. Construction of the AMP should be complete by 2016.

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