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WOMAN SHOT: Child’s Air Rifle ‘Could Have Killed Me’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A 22-year old Fort Dodge woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after she was shot by a kid with a pellet gun.

Franchessca Petraline has a collapsed lung after the pellet went through her ribs, punctured her lung, and lodged in her back.

She says she was checking on some kids playing near a pond at about 1:00 Sunday morning when one of them, who she says was about 10-years old, shot her with the high powered air rifle.

At first she thought it was just a bruise.

"I didn't even think it went in my body.  Like I thought it fell out somewhere.  I definitely didn't think it went almost all the way out.  Like it almost went completely out and through my back," Petraline told Channel 13.

"It's no joke. Those things are pretty serious," Petraline added.  "I think I got really lucky because had that been anywhere else, even my neck, my face, on the other side of my chest or even in the wrong part of my chest it could have killed me."

Doctors say the air rifle had the same killing power of a small caliber handgun. It is not illegal in Iowa for kids to have air rifles.


  • Phyllis

    did this happen at 1p.m. Or 1 a.m. Regardless, it was stupid thing that caused serious injury to this woman! Hope she recovers in a timely fashion. But, I thought I heard on the news 1 a.m. And it makes me want to ask what in the world is a 10 year old doing up by the river at 1 a.m.???

    • Franchessca Petraline

      BTW, had someone shot me on purpose that wasn’t a little kid hell yeah I would have pressed charges on them. Are you crazy? Stop assuming stuff none of you know me.

  • Kathi Lott

    no kid should have a gun at the age of ten unless with a parent or a responsible person (adult) and if not with one then the gun needs to be locked up. this lady could of died jst because the parents let there child have a gun.. when they find the kid not only does he need to have harsh consequences givin to them but the parent/s need to also be charged!!!!!!!!!!

  • John

    That right Jess let’s just start restricting everything instead of holding people accountable. The parents of the 10 year old and the 10 year old should be held accountable. I love the knee jerk reaction of hey lets restric it because the low common denominator cannot handle the reasponsability.

    • Jess

      Right John, let’s remove ALL restrictions, heck, maybe 10 year old little Billy should have had a nice cold 12 pack before he headed off with his gun. What is wrong with having a law that says that a child under ‘x’ age must have an adult present in order to be firing a weapon?

      You’re telling me that you have NO PROBLEM AT ALL with an 8-10 year old being able to walk into Wal-Mart, by himself, and purchase a gun that could very easily kill a person?

      It would be nice if we could count on parents to protect society, but, you obviously can’t. This 10 year old had apparently not been taught that you don’t point a loaded gun at a person unless your intent is to shoot them. Or, maybe his intent WAS to shoot her.

      • John

        Jess do you always overreact this much to everything? My therory is that the woman shot and boyfriend in the video was partying in the area at 1 am in the morning and a neighbor got mad and fired a shot then blamed the kid so no charges will be pressed. My point is everything at this point is conjecture. To jump to a point of lets get out the regultory stick and implying that we are now letting little Billy buy beer is idiotic. Chill out and let s see the facts before flying off the handle.

        FYI it does not take a village to raise a child it takes a good mom and Dad to do so. nuf said.

      • Jess

        John, you didn’t answer the question, do you think it is ok for a 10 year old to walk into a store, alone, and purchase a gun capable of killing someone?

        The story behind this really doesn’t matter. You are right, it doesn’t take a village, it does take good parents. But if a child doesn’t have good parents, does that mean the rest of society has no right to take precautions to protect themselves?

        I don’t think wanting some regulations on something that can that easily kill someone is ‘flying off the handle’. Having a law that states a child must be in the presence of an adult to fire a weapon is no more ‘flying off the handle’ then to say you must be of a certain age to drive a car, first with an adult, then, as you get older, you can drive it without an adult.

        We have driver’s ed for cars, why not have gun safety be an option for kids to handle guns??

        I don’t want to take away your guns. I have no problem with guns.. People kill people, guns do not kill people. But, in this case, you have someone handling a gun who probably shouldn’t be.

      • Franchessca Petraline

        You must not know much about that neighborhood do ya? No, I was not partying. I had just gotten back from a trip to Des Moines. I have 2 small children, I don’t party to much. Your statement was extremely ignorant.

    • Brian

      Agree with you John.

      The knee-jerk reactions are how bad laws get passed that hurt youth. It is good thing for kids to have bb guns. It teaches gun saftey and responsible handling of firearms.

      Also, for a woman to have a pellet or bb go through here like that, she would have to have been shot at EXTREMELY close range.

      So I guess I am calling baloney on the whole 10 year old kid from across the pond story. I own one of the most powerful bb guns available, and it couldn’t shoot clear through a sparrow at that range, let along the much thicker hide of a person.

  • William Denison

    I don’t buy this story for one minute. I think someone was doing alittle partying at 1am and someone else brought out a pellet gun and started playing with it and shot this young woman at close range….just sayin.

  • Franchessca Petraline

    You guys are all crazy. Stop talking if you don’t know. Yeah, me and my 2 little children were partying it up. Get a life. I had been put of town that whole day and we had just gotten back. No one parties over there. No one asked you to buy it bud.

    • William Denison

      Its real hard to track down a 10 year old with a pellet gun. Was he a Navy Seal or a Army Ranger? Maybe he’s a Ninja. Or maybe he was just your goofy looking boy friend pointing his toy at you and it “just went off”? FYI One can get jail time for filing a false police report.

      • John

        Willie that was rude. No personal attacks my point was do not make assumptions and Franchessca Petraline I was not accusing of anything i was saying that Jess cannot jump on the let mandate somthing ecver though we do not know the facts. and Yes Jess If you want to go down that road there are rules and guidlines around the purchase of high power air rifles in the state of Iowa you hae to be 18 to purchase a air rifle that powerful per DNR guidlines. Look it up.

      • Jess

        John, By your own comments, there are regulations, so, I’m not jumping on anything. there are apparently laws that are not being followed. Or, yes, bad parents bought a gun for an immature child.
        If there are laws about who can buy the gun, again, I ask, what is wrong with saying that a CHILD cannot be in possession of a deadly weapon without an adult present?
        Again I ask, how is that any different than driving a car? We have laws, the protect people, that don’t allow 10 year olds to drive. We have laws that say that a person much drive with an adult present until they reach a certain age. Why is it knee jerk to ask for the same type of consideration for guns? I’m not anti gun, I am anti-dead-by-gun.

    • Jess

      Franchessca – don’t let these people get to you. ESPECIALLY William D, he isn’t worth your time or outrage.

      People like to see the worst in everything. They can’t seem to believe that someone would actually tell the truth.

      Please take this the way it is intended, I am glad it was you and not one of the children…..if you were hurt that badly I would hate to think what it could have done to a child.

    • SammyMomof1boy&1girl

      Ignore the trolls, they feed off it. You know the truth, your family knows the truth and the people who matter to you know the truth. THEY are all that matters not some j e r k on a message board.

  • JimmyP

    Looks like a city park.
    Story doesn’t add up at all.
    My guess……drugs.
    By the way…lose the eye make up.

    • Jess

      OMG! The woman was shot and all you can do is accuse her of using drugs and make fun of her make up. What a jerk!

      Just because someone gets hurt, it doesn’t automatically make them a druggie.

      There isn’t anything wrong with her makeup. And, besides, the woman is in the hospital with a collapsed lung, doing up her face for the likes of YOU was probably not top on her priority list!

  • Franchessca Petraline

    I don’t care about how you think my makeup was done Lol that’s stupid to even say. My fiance doesn’t own a pellet gun, we aren’t children. And no, even if he did he sure wouldn’t shoot me with it. No, I’m not on drugs. You can come test me. I don’t party. If you don’t think a pellet gun has that much power you should probably look them up before you comment. It is a public park, it was 1 a.m, right after I got back from des Moines. I wasn’t shot from across the pond. That’s just the pond it happened at. You guys are making stuff up and automatically assuming it’s true. Had it been impossible, the police would be investigating me, not going door to door looking for information. I don’t want guns taken away, and I didn’t ask to do an interview, they asked me. None of this will affect any of you, so I’m not exactly sure why you all care enough to bash me. I almost died from it. But, this doesn’t surprise me. There will always be internet trolls. I don’t smoke inside so I went out for a cigarette, heard loud noises down there and it’s a very mellow neighborhood so I walked over to see what was going on. I was not drinking nor on drugs. Had I been all drugged out again, they would have known seeing as how I had my blood drawn 5 times and again, I would have been investigated more closely. I’m pretty sure 4 police can make a better judgement call, seeing as how they saw the X-ray and all the medical reports. You can go ahead and Google how many people have died from being shot in the chest by pellet and bb guns. Or just keep assuming you know everything. Doesn’t bother me much, I’m just happy I’m okay.. .

  • shelby

    It shouldn’t matter what she was or wasn’t doing my first question to that theory is why would anyone just shoot a gun if a neighbor did have a problem with what they were doing he should have called the cops and if it was a child then yes the parents should be punished for A. Not watching their children. And B. Being dumb enough to leave guns out without teaching the kids proper use and safety. And the last time I checked in most places you do have to be 18 or olde r to buy a gun but that doesn’t stop kids from getting a hold of them… everyone gets upset about school shootings and its always the parents fault then but when an innocent woman gets shot it’s her fault? People need to wake up and realize that kids do know right from wrong but they do not know the consequences for their actions because these days there are none because the PARENTS are too ignorant. God I love how truly stupid some people are!! Im glad your okay frankee

  • Phyllis

    I REPEAT…….WHAT was a young boy doing up at 1 a.m. ??????? WHERE were his parents????? Let’s just face it, there are a LOT of MORONS for parents in this world today!!!!!

  • lies

    Sorry, BUT anybody shot with “life threatening” injuries would press charges, also no kid “accidently” shoots you. If this case was so true then this kid would be in a juvenile detention center for attempted murder or assault with a deadly weapon. You didn’t press charges though, HENCE the validity of this story is low, just like all you residents of fort dodge :)

    • Angela Petraline

      Lies (what? nice troll name)….my niece is a grown woman who went to check on loud kids near her Grandmother’s home at 1AM out of concern. She was shot (and could provide photos of the injury, as well as x-rays). Because it was an air rifle the noise was not like a typical gun and she thought it was a BB that had pinged her and fell off. It wasn’t until she was getting close to the front door that she started to have trouble getting a deep breath, and that they then discovered the pellet hed penetrated the skin. They rushed her to the hospital where they found that she had a collapsing lung. The doctors told her she had a 70% chance of dying from the injury had they not reacted as quickly (which is why no one knows who the kids are, and why charges aren’t pressed…because they chose to go to the ER rather than go find the kids). The police are looking for the kids responsible.

      The pellet passed THROUGH her lung, an inch from her heart. Air rifles can be pumped up to different levels of strength, and the doctors told her this was the same as a .22. These are just facts, not to be disputed because you don’t like Fort Dodge (and if you need the person telling you to be somewhere else, I live in Des Moines…though basing people’s honesty on where they reside is idiotic).

      As for no kid ever accidentally shooting someone, you’ll want to Google that one. It happens nearly every day in America.

    • Franchessca Petraline

      Well, I did press charges. I dont Know who the Kids are. Hence the reason the police are looking for them.

      • Jess

        Good luck Franchessca, both with your healing, and with getting this resolved. There are a lot of good people out there, and a lot of people that believe you and wish you well.

        Unfortunately, it is the negative people that seem, for the most part, to take the time to blog.

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