WOMAN SHOT: Child’s Air Rifle ‘Could Have Killed Me’

A 22-year old Fort Dodge woman is in the hospital with serious injuries after she was shot by a kid with a pellet gun.

Franchessca Petraline has a collapsed lung after the pellet went through her ribs, punctured her lung, and lodged in her back.

She says she was checking on some kids playing near a pond at about 1:00 Sunday morning when one of them, who she says was about 10-years old, shot her with the high powered air rifle.

At first she thought it was just a bruise.

“I didn’t even think it went in my body.  Like I thought it fell out somewhere.  I definitely didn’t think it went almost all the way out.  Like it almost went completely out and through my back,” Petraline told Channel 13.

“It’s no joke. Those things are pretty serious,” Petraline added.  “I think I got really lucky because had that been anywhere else, even my neck, my face, on the other side of my chest or even in the wrong part of my chest it could have killed me.”

Doctors say the air rifle had the same killing power of a small caliber handgun. It is not illegal in Iowa for kids to have air rifles.


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