AGRIBUSINESS: Appropriations Bill Lets Schools Waive Federal Lunch Standards

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While the Agricultural Act of 2014 was passed months ago, the 2015 Ag Appropriations Bill is still on the table.

The House and Senate Appropriations Subcommittees have approved the bill and it looks like it may move to a June vote in the House.

The bill has a total of $20.5 billion for agriculture, rural development, and the FDA.

Also a notable part of the bill allows school waivers from federal school lunch standards after six months of financial losses. Opponents say Congress will be criticized for letting schools opt out and keep the money. Supporters say current healthy programs force kids to eat foods they don't want or won't eat.

Senate Ag Committee Chair Debbie Stabenow is opposed to the effort in the bill to gut conservation and energy programs passed in the farm bill. She says those are some of the most important farm bill programs.

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  • Rebecca Hergert

    it’s too bad!!
    It all starts in the home. (diet/exercise & eating right)
    Insurance rates will go up if these parents don’t get a-hold of child obesity/medical issue’s.

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