BIKE SAFETY: Ride Of Silence Honors Cyclists

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Cyclists will take to Des Moines’ streets Wednesday to honor fellow cyclists who have been killed or injured on Iowa roadways.

It’s the Ride of Silence. The slow-paced ride starts at 6:30 p.m. at the State Historical Society Building at 600 East Locust. Cyclists will take three-mile ride through downtown.

Cedar Falls, Marshalltown, and Mason City are also holding rides Wednesday night.

Bike Iowa reports that three people have been injured so far this year after they were hit by vehicles. They say four people were killed while biking last year.

This is the 10th year Des Moines has participated in the Ride of Silence.


  • do ur job

    Maybe we should make bicyclists who want to ride the highways instead of the trails be licensed and their bikes too to recoup the money spent on the trails and bike lanes.

  • tom senn

    You may be forgetting one important detail. If there is a trail fairly close by a biker, he or she may still need to be on the road for a short while as they try to get to the trail. I’m not speaking of highways of course but normal roads. I rarely see cyclists on a highway. However, it’s on the normal roads where problems happen. Most cyclists I know will always opt for trails since Iowa has invested in them but we still have to get to them and cannot always park a car where the trail is nearby. More times than not the problem is caused by…texting while driving and people not paying attention.

  • Janice Aldermann

    The city’s bike lanes were a huge mistake. I’ve seen more near misses between cars and bicyclists. The bike lanes are dangerous and bicyclists appear to think they own the road. It’s like they almost DARE you to hit them. The road isn’t big enough for both cars and bikes. I’m sorry, but it’s true.

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