CORN STOVER: Couple Suing Ethanol Plant

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A Nevada couple is suing a cellulosic ethanol plant after a fire threatened their home.

Ernest and Barbara Clark are suing DuPont Danisco.

They are claiming the company has acted recklessly and carelessly in storing the highly combustible corn stover across from their home.

On March 31st, at least eight of the bails caught fire and the wind pushed the fire toward their home. Some of their property was damaged. Embers burned the home’s exterior and smoke and ash covered the home’s interior.

The couple wants the plant to move the bales and pay for the fire damage.

Read the lawsuit here.


  • William Denison

    Just imagine the damage a hugh oil pipeline that runs thru the middle of our country is going to do. Good for the Clarks! I’d sue them until the cows come home.

    • BrutallyHonest

      So i suppose that since you are against oil and ethanol that you do not own a vehicle and do not purchase gas. Why would we want to depend on other countries for our energy? People are just sue happy these days, and have been for a long time now, and its rediculous law suits like this that cause our economy to struggle as it only causes the cost of goods to go up. How about earn your money instead of looking for a reason to sue someone.

  • John

    Hey rRebecca what would you do if DuPont bought the lot across from you and started stacking barrels of toxic waste in the lot. You would sue as well I hope you were trolling and not really that short sighted. Wait you are mosty likley related to somone at the plant or a corn farmer. The only 2 types of people in Iowa profiting from biofuels. Everyone else is paying through the nose for food and meat price increases or being posioned by the pactice of turning food into fuel and the government subsidizing it.

  • Rebecca Hergert

    I’ll have to have my husband look at the report!!
    But a lot of these people out there are trying to make money by suing everybody.
    I definitely wouldn’t want to inhale that smoke.
    If it was in their lungs & they went to the emergency, maybe a possibility of a lawsuit for illness or injury. But NO!!

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