EXTRA ROOM: Tour DMPD’s New Crime Scene Labs

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The Des Moines Police Department showed off its expanded crime scene processing lab Wednesday.

Along with extra room, the expansion includes a brand new OWI testing and processing room.

Sgt. Jason Halifax says while they have always tested and processed OWI cases at the department before, it was in a smaller space.

The new OWI room includes two holding cells and two interview rooms.

The expansion also includes a new evidence storage facility that allows officers to drop off and store evidence for a later date.

There is also a new garage for processing larger items like vehicles and storage for the unit’s crime scene van.

Upstairs the original crime lab will remain but an expanded one was built to allow more room and better efficiency for processing items.

“The ident techs are happy. Before they were all crammed into a smaller space,” Sgt. Jason Halifax explained. “They have to do little things at a time, do one part, put it away, lay something back out, sometimes you want to look at things collectively three or four or five things together it was hard to do that before, now they have the space to do that with.”

Phase two of the expansion will cost $1.7 million dollars. A former police garage will be torn down and leveled to be converted into an additional space for parking.