FRONT SEAT: Candidates To Debate Healthcare Act

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It will be the first-of-its-kind debate of this 2014 election campaign in Iowa’s U.S. Senate race. The five Republicans running in the June 3rd primary agreed to a debate where they will answer questions on just one issue: health care reform.

The Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, has been the source of countless criticisms from Republicans. This debate will see what solutions the candidates have to better the health care system for consumers and providers. It is sponsored by The Iowa Association of Health Underwriters.

Sam Clovis, Joni Erst, Mark Jacobs, Scott Schaben and Matt Whitaker all agreed to participate.

Eric Kohlsdorf, IAHU Government Relations Chair, said, “The cost of healthcare and ultimately the insurance premium must be addressed at some point. Our Association members deal with this every day when working with Iowans. At some point we must do something about this ever costly and burdensome system.”

Kohlsdorf said a limited number of seats remain for the event that takes place Thursday from 1:30-3pm at the Community Choice Credit Union Convention Center in Des Moines. If you want to attend, you must register ahead of time by going to

WHO-HD also plans to stream the event LIVE at


  • Brian

    They should name it more appropriately…

    How about: The destruction of healthcare act? That makes more sense.

    The current scandal at the VA is the dead canary in the cage that should have everyone screaming for a repeal. And I literally mean everyone which includes all of you who for some reason still support Obama/Hillary Care in spite of having absolutely no understanding of it, because the VA crisis is the future of our healthcare in a government run, single payer system.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      Actually the problems with the VA are caused by partisan politicians, republican and democrats, using veterans as a political weapon, and to try and claim that the VAs problems will be duplicated in the private sector is invalid. The VAQ system and the private sector are two completely different animals.

      And oddly, the people responsible for high healthcare costs are the ones screaming the loudest about the ACA when the reality is, all it did was give the medical industry a larger pool of money to suck from.

      Funny how the republicans don’t actually address that problem. And both republican and democrats have had their palms greased by the healtcare industry.

      The republicans in this state in particular seem loathe to hold the healthcare industry accountable for anything.

  • William Denison

    The VA has its faults no doubt. But to use that as a excuse to take the ACA away from the millions its helping is just more republican lunacy. Crawl back under your rock Brian.

    • Brian

      Mr Dennison,
      Do you understand what the ACA is? Do you understand what its impacts are to the quality of medicine that the middle class currently enjoys? I have a deep understanding of it, and I can tell you this with certainty. The ACA does NOTHING to lower the cost of medcine or lower the cost of medical insurance. What it does do it DRASTICALLY hurt the middle class and the medical options available to them. Their rates for insurance have and will continue to climb at an alarming rate over the years.

      How people like yourself can so blindly and ignorantly support such destructive legislation is beyond me. It is pure partisanship on your part, driven by complete ignorance of the facts.

      • William Denison

        Denison is spelled with one “n” thank you very much. You watch way to much Fox News brother.

      • Brian

        When you don’t have any retort to make, poke fun of the other person’s spelling or grammer, and then make some dismissive comment so you don’t actually have to think about anything.

        Does that about sum it up Mr Denison?

        Or do you have any sort of logical response to make of your own?

  • do ur job

    Unless you have read any part of the ACA, you have no clue about all the crap in this bill or who makes the decisions in regards to the rules or enforcement. I’m still waiting for the people to speak up on why the ACA is so great who do not have employer sponsored insurance, a preexisting condition, or steep pre-tax rebates. Probably because there are none.

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