PLEA DEAL: Officer Admits To Lesser Charge

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Officer Cody Grimes has been reinstated after the Des Moines Civil Service Commission reversed his termination.

A Des Moines police officer accused of assaulting his ex-girlfriend has accepted a plea deal.

Officer Cody Grimes was charged with domestic assault causing injury and his trial had been scheduled to begin Wednesday in Polk County. Online court records show Grimes has pleaded guilty to a lesser charge.

Grimes pleaded guilty to 4th degree criminal mischief and was fined $1,000 in the case.

A protective order barring Grimes from contacting the alleged victim in the case has also been lifted.

Grimes has been on administrative leave from the Des Moines Police Department since December of 2013. An internal investigation by the department has not been completed yet.


  • William Denison

    If a cop cannot control himself enough to not beat up someone he loves what has that same cop done to a stranger who he has no feeling for?

    • george

      This is same cop that punch 3-4 times while he was on the ground during his wedding reception.

      • Jon

        This jerk gets to keep his job after beating up a groom in cuffs then throwing his gf down some stairs. Criminal mischief has nothing to do with his crime. What a bunch of crap

  • Cw

    I would sure hope he no longer serves on the plice force. If he is allowed to stay it says ” cops are above the law” .

    • William Denison

      These days everyone who works for any city in Iowa and the state itself is on paid leave.

  • Josh Bethune

    Must be nice. Only reason he got off is cause he wears a badge. Anyone else would have been sent to prison. How much you wanna bet they let him keep his job too. Sorry worthless scum.

  • CJA

    Blah blah blah…you tools don’t have a clue. This girl is flat out CRAZY.This isn’t the first time she has made claims like this and it probably won’t be her last. She came there, drunk, caused a scene and forced an altercation. The whole thing should have been dropped

  • SAS

    CJA…….We tools do have a clue. First of all whether provoked or not, I gives him no right to throw a woman down a set of stairs. Control your anger….your an officer of the law !!!! Secondly this piece of crap has been involved in countless issues that should have resulted in him loosing his badge but he hasn’t. He needs to be standing in a soup line somewhere and learn a little humility.

  • dan

    It’s obvious you need to vote out that county attorney. Obviously this guy knows somebody. I guess you can all wait till he kills somebody and they might get him off on that too I would guess.

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