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This isn't your typical gang on two wheels. It started as a whim, but now they're unstoppable.

Cathy Merritt and Wendy Hanson were born ready to ride. “We put our helmets on and just sat in a chair here and waited for the truck to drive up with the scooters,” said Wendy.

Three years later, they now go by the name of BABs. “It’s just the name that we gave ourselves when we got our scooters, just for fun,” said Wendy.

What does BABs stand for? “Bad Ass B*!#?s,”said Cathy.

“I’ve never had a little kid ask me and if I did I probably would not answer. But everybody else I'd tell,” said Wendy.

They’re a gang with guts, glory and glamor. They ride together, shop together, and even go out to brunch on Sundays together. It didn’t take long for their husbands to join in. “I said this really sucks it’s not fun. Because this is my scooter and I’m on the back and it’s no fun so get your own scooter,” said Wendy.

“So when the boys got their own scooters, but bad ass boys,” said Cathy.

You may not understand BABs, but you better get used to them. Because they’re not hanging up their helmets anytime soon.


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