TRAVEL TIME: DOT Using Message Boards

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Commuters in the metro found something new along I-235 Wednesday morning.

The Iowa Department of Transportation is now posting travel times on its digital message boards during the morning and afternoon rush hours Monday through Friday.

It displays a slow speed message, when traffic speed is 25-percent or more lower than the posted speed limit. Times are calculated every 20-seconds using existing DOT traffic sensors. The program is only for the I-235 corridor for now.

The DOT plans to expand travel-time reporting across the state.


  • GWilson

    How much is this costing taxes payers? Do people really need to be told how long they will be waiting… I can guess my wait time myself and save taxes payers money…

  • William Denison

    Is reading these text on a hugh sign going 70 mph any different from reading a text from a phone going slower? I don’t think so. Its to bad that folks will have to die before these dangers are taken down.

  • John

    This was great. Thi sis a service provided by every major metro area. If you actually saw the signs you would know the difference Willie. The signs are in your sight line in front of you. Texting normally includes looking down in your hand and off the road. I thought it was great this morning and could mean hundreds of hours saved by workers in commute time. As to cost minimal nothing compared to the politicans and their personal witchhunts that went on ealrier this years that cost thousands of dollar and wasted alot of important time that could have been spent on more important things.

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