ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: Fort Dodge Store Clerk Pulls Gun


Fort Dodge police say they are thankful a store clerk was unharmed during an attempted robbery.

Officers say a 50-to-60-year-old man approached the clerk at the Discount Text Book store shortly before 9 a.m. Wednesday demanding money.

The man allegedly threatened the clerk with a can of mace. But instead of complying, police say the clerk pulled out a handgun and told the man to leave.

Officers say the 5’05” tall suspect fled the store without any money.

Fort Dodge police say they’re pleased the incident didn’t escalate further and remind people that, “a few dollars is not worth your life.”

The clerk says she pulled out the gun for her own protection, not to save a few dollars.

If you have any information in the case you’re asked to contact Fort Dodge police.

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  • OHMY

    A few dollars isn’t worth anybodys life, which means a thief should take that into account as well. Good thing he ran. Never bring a can of mace to a gun fight.

  • BrutallyHonest

    Yea, dont bring a can of mace to a gun fight. Good job to this upstanding citizen for standing their ground.

  • Melinda Schultz

    Kudos to the armed law abbiding citizen! Maybe it will make thugs think twice about who may be carring a gun!

  • Terri

    Look at how many people have complied and given the robber everything only to be shot and killed so theres no witness! My best friends mom was murdered during a robbery after handing over everything! I wish Vicky had a gun and shot that lil punk who murdered her! Theres no way to know if he only had a can of mace either. I support the right to bear arms and have law abiding citizens protect themselves, family, property, and business!

  • Jessica

    I was the employee who pulled out the gun and I’d do it again, I didn’t do it to save the store “a few dollars” I did it for my protection.

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