CANNABIS OIL: Branstad Will Sign Bill

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Gov. Terry Branstad will sign a bill that legalizes the use of medical cannabis oil.

The governor announced his intentions during a taping of Iowa Press Friday morning.

The Iowa legislature passed the bill May 1st and advocates have been waiting anxiously to find out whether the governor would support the bill.

It would allow neurologists from Iowa to prescribe up to 32 ounces of the medicine to those who have epilepsy.

A spokesman for Branstad says the governor carefully considered the legislation and spoke with governors from Alabama and Utah, which have passed similar legislation, before reaching the decision. He also says Branstad has empathy for the families the treatment might help.

For one group of Iowa moms it was an uphill battle from the start.

All of them have children who suffer from some form of seizures and all wanted the opportunity to try a medicine that could help provide some relief.

“It means we have another medication option to try because we`ve run out of everything else there is commercially in the market and FDA trialed so it means we have hope,” says Sally Gaer of West Des Moines.

West Des Moines Mayor's wife Sally Gaer has been fighting for access to cannabis oil from day one.

Her 24 year old daughter Margaret suffers from Dravet Syndrome a rare form of epilepsy where she has multiple seizures a day.

By her side has been Des Moines resident Maria La France.

Her 12 year old son, Qunicy also suffers from seizures, regular pharmaceuticals either haven't worked or have increased his symptoms.

She is glad her son will also have the opportunity to try a medication that could provide some relief.”

“It`s fantastic for an Iowan to be able to try a medication to save a life and not go to jail, that is absolutely wonderful,” says La France.

Gov. Branstad will sign the bill next week.


  • William Denison

    Brandstad’s just kicking the can down the road. This bill is meaningless to the people of Iowa. It will be of no help to anyone. We have got to get this dullard out of office. FYI The state of where some would say is the best medical facilities in the world “Minnesota and the Mayo Clinic” just leaglized cannabis for many types of illness in pill,oil and Vape form. So whos right? Terry Braindead and a few out of touch corrupt Iowa lawmakers or the Mayo Clinic? The next time I go to Minnesota it won’t be for the fishing….just sayin.

  • Christopher

    While it’s a start, it certainly doesn’t do a whole lot. It’s been said before that this only applies to children with epilepsy. Does this still stand? What about adults? People that have to deal with seizures from other illnesses? What about adults that are severely handicapped? Many missing answers here…

  • William Denison

    One more thing. Those who work for hospice here in Iowa need to grow some back bone and speak up for people they help who want and or need med cannabis.

  • GOP base

    I don’t get it. Are any of these kids going to grow up and not be a burden on our society by still needing 24/7 care?

  • dan

    Now who would have guessed it? This wasn’t enough. And here I thought this is what everybody wanted, nope, go figure it isn’t enough.
    Why not just say what you mean, you want your pot and you want it now, you want your meth and you want it now. Ok so put it on the shelves at walmart, by the candy? By the cigarettes and beer….. no wait that stuff is bad…. hmmm In the cough syrup aisle? And lets not forget the free sample woman rollin up a big fattie for you to try. How bout this, tax credits for your dope? Can’t afford a big fattie, Obamacare will kick in and buy it for ya.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      How do you like subsidizing drunks to the tune of $1.8 billion, oh wait, you use alcohol, you like having the tax payers keep your liquid heroin cheap and flowing freedly.

    • Troy Hendrickson

      By the way child, it;s not enough because it offers nothing to anyone but a relatively few kids, nothing for the dying at all, but we know, people like you think the proper way to die is by the governments permission, with the drugs they approve, because hey, we all know someone with a month to live needs to worry about becoming dependent on cannabis. How did you get so desperate that you would advocate the government having such control over your own body, seriously?

      • Lucy Looselips

        One has to wonder how many people will be dead by the end of this weekend by the hands of a drunk in the USA. Be it a drunk with a car or a gun.

    • Just some normal guy with a hugh forehead

      The thing is Dan its folks like you who pose the biggest hazard and risk to our society and with your simple minded way of thinking. I’d rather see a woman handing out fatties than bibles,booze and guns.

  • Ishmale Whale

    The law is so flawed, I don’t think anyone will ever pass through all the hoops.
    1st, you need a neurologist willing to sign off on a prescription that can not be made or bought in the state. Since all neurologists, or any medical doctor, are licensed by the DEA to prescribe controlled substances, them prescribing a substance still federally illegal would put them in great jeopardy if the feds don’t like it.
    2nd If you get approved, you better have proof that you got it out of state, receipts or what ever…and that violates your 5th Amendment right protection from self-incrimination because you have to prove you trafficked a federally banned controlled substance across state lines.

    This law will not stand due to a lot of legal arguments from both sides.

  • Ishmale Whale

    Dan, in Iowa and everywhere else, legal or not, if people want their pot and want it now…They have ways to get it, tax free, no age limit required. Same for meth and all the other hard drugs. If you have the cash, you get the product. It is easier for kids to get drugs than alcohol, because regulation, ID checks, and fines make it so.
    Since marijuana is in schedule 1, with all the hard drugs, those who sell it face the same penalties as the other hard drugs, so they will expose someone wanting only marijuana to the other drugs for more money. If the seller is taking the risk, they want to addict buyers to the expensive stuff. There is a reason hard drug sellers give the first few hits for free…Then your addicted.

  • Kyle Morgan

    well we know now News reporter Aaron Brilbeck is not a racist when i see him at Greys Lake making out with a black man so is that really Gays Lake???

  • John Dean Heidenreich

    He finally going to do something good. It will probably be the only good thing that he does do. It will help a lot of people that don’t get relief fro anything else and it known to cure a lot of different things including different cancers.

  • Wendy Widebottom

    The reason Branstads face is always so puffy looking is from all the meds he takes. Its time we do this old man a favor and retire him.

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