GOP SUPPORT: Romney Campaigning For Ernst

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An Iowa U.S. Senate candidate is getting some campaign help from a major political player.

Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney is supporting Joni Ernst. Romney will be in Iowa May 30th for events in Cedar Rapids and Davenport.

Ernst is among a crowded field of GOP hopefuls vying to take on Bruce Braley for the Senate seat that will be left open with the retirement of Sen. Tom Harkin.


  • William Denison

    Pure posion. Romney needs to go back to his cult and do some more reading from his buried dinner plates of gold. Snake oil salesman.

    • Clear Thinker

      I like both Ernst and Clovis. But, I admire Romney endlessly, know how much better off we’d be today with him as our president, and am saddened deeply that he is not. Deciding factor for me on the Ernst/Clovis choice: Romney endorses Ernst. Santorum, whom I loathe, endorses Clovis, along with another holier-than-thou jerk in my community. Decision made.

      • Troy Hendrickson

        So, your a clear thinker that thinks highly of Romney. The last time I read about Romney, he stood in front of a crowd at Kinzler products slamming Obama’s stimulus programs. Apparently someone for got to tell him the Kinzler has been the beneficiary of a good number of dollars from those programs, including a $1 million plus loan that they were declined for on the free market.

        Now if you were a real clear thinker, you’d know such blatant hypocrisy is a sign of corruption.

      • Clear Thinker

        I did watch, listen, and attend almost every event at which Romney spoke during the campaign. Even if your statement is correct, (and I’m not saying that it is,) so what? Criticizing the stimulus in front of products produced by a company receiving stimulus dollars does not signify hypocrisy. I’d call it gutsy, actually. Are you 100% certain about the company receiving stimulus money? And Troy, I know you are a “frequent flyer” commenter, but really,why was it necessary for you to attack my moniker? Juvenile. I said I admire Romney, feel we lost out by not having him as president (is that what really bugs you?) and you go off all red-faced. Simmer down. I’m one person with one opinion. Doesn’t make me right or wrong. But then again, you’re only one person with one opinion and same goes for you.

  • Kyle Morgan

    We know now reporter Aaron Brilbeck is not racist when i see him at Greys Lake making out with a Black man on a picnic table so is that Gays Lake???

  • Right Wing Patriot

    Excellent response ‘Clear Thinker’ as you are absolutely correct. Troy is a very bitter person and its evident in his opinions and responses. He has the gall to call Ernst corrupt even thought there is no evidence, while Obama is dealing with four scandals. Talk about a double standard. Sheeesh.

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