EXTREME HUNTRESS: Central Iowan Semifinalist

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A Des Moines woman hopes to share her passion for hunting by competing in the TV series, the Extreme Huntress.

Kristie Wagner is a semifinalist in the hunting competition. She wants to be a part of this competition to encourage other women to give hunting a shot.

Wagner is one of 20 women from around the world asking for fans online votes. The top 6 finalists compete in hunting and head-to-head skills competitions in Texas. Wagner says she`s more excited about the opportunity bond with other women who are as passionate as she is about this male dominated sport.

If you would like to support Wagner you can vote for her online at: http://www.extremehuntress.com/vote/ .


  • Lisa K. Kuehl

    I am very dispppointed to see WHO-TV 13 glorifying exotic animal hunts and for positively recognizing the men and women who participate in them. These kinds of trophy-hunting activities are extremently controversial and frowned upon by wildlife conservancy groups and animal welfare organizations. I hope you will next do an investigative report on why these kinds of commercial hunts need to be abolished in the United States and around the world.

  • Brian

    Thank you WHO, for not bending to the will of a bunch of foolish people on the radical fringe of society who think all forms of hunting should be banned in the world. These people do not speak for the overwhelming majority of Iowans who understand the necessity of hunting, and have an understanding of nature.

    Obviously people like Julie and Lisa do not. Otherwise they would understand that nothing is more natural in the wild than the hunt. And by far the best way for any animal in the wild to die, is at the hands of a human hunter. All other ways are pretty terrible.

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