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FIGHTING TOGETHER: 515 Riding For The Tata’s

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Millions of dollars are raised every year for breast cancer organizations, but this weekend the 515 community got together to raise money for a few local woman battling breast cancer.

Few can understand the relationship Missy Wimbler has with Tiffany Rhoades. “She’s the only one who knows exactly what I’m going through more so than anybody else. And it’s that mutual bond. And it just made us close instantly,” said Rhoades.

Bonded by breast cancer, they couldn’t feel closer with each other and the community. Today the 515 community is riding and raising money for these women. More than a hundred people are riding, but organizers say they’re just getting started.

Clem Vestal plans on making the “515 Ride for the Tata's” an annual event, helping a new woman each year.

The 515 community may never fully understand the battle of breast cancer. But on these bikes they’re soldiers, fighting to help these women win their wars.


  • Justice

    How awesome that these ‘tough guys’ help raise money for “Tata’s”. I heard many cycles (at least 100) going down our highway today on Hwy 6 and I wonder if they were a part of this ride?

  • Kati

    Its completely family friendly!! I took my kids in my Durango to it while my husband rode! Its a wonderful cause and we had a great turn out! Can’t wait for next years ride!!

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