DOWNTOWN FISHING: Restrictions Considered

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Downtown fishermen might have to choose a different fishing spot on the Des Moines River.

The Des Moines Parks and Recreation board will vote whether or not to restrict downtown fishing Tuesday.

A committee was formed to discuss the matter back in March. It was concerned about the mess of trash and fish entrails some fisherman leave behind along the river walk.

The group is proposing prohibiting fishing from the river walk trail, the Center Street Bridge, the red pedestrian bridge and the MLK Junior Parkway bridge.

The group is also working to put together a volunteer effort to address littering.

The meeting is set for Tuesday at 5 p.m. The Iowa DNR has spoken out against the proposal.


  • Jess

    the problem is that there ARE idiots who do NOT pick up their trash when they leave. how do you control that? I have to admit, if I go out for a nice walk along the river, I don’t have to have to be dodging fish guts and be covered in the flies that are attracted by them.
    If everyone had been considerate and cleaned up after themselves, this discussion would have never happened.

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