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HIRING VETS: Branstad Signs Home Base Iowa Act

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“We reach out to veterans to let them know there is no better place to work, live, and raise a family than in the great state of Iowa,” said Governor Branstad.

On a day of recognition for the men and women who serve our county, a bill was signed making it easier for veterans to get ahead upon completion of their service.

Branstad signed the Home Base Iowa Act into law Monday morning at the Iowa Gold Star Military Museum at Camp Dodge.

The bill, which received bipartisan support in the legislature is designed to help veterans get quality private sector jobs and keep more of their military pensions.

Home Base Iowa allows private companies to give veterans preference in the hiring and promotion process and gives credit to veterans for their military experience when applying for work related licenses.

Home Base Iowa also fully exempts military pensions from state income tax and makes it easier for veterans to earn college credit for their military experience.

Skip Timmons, a veteran, says the bill is a win-win for veterans and their future employers.

“Rifleman, technician, pilot, whatever the case may be, it’s all going to help them in civilian life,” said Timmons.


  • William Denison

    Thanks Terry, now I can go get me that dream job making pizzas at Caseys for $9.00 hr part time. Ahhhh good times.

  • William Denison

    As a fellow Vet me tell any Vet out there when it comes to Iowa run far and run fast before you get trapped in this cesspool full of hog waste we call Iowa.

  • Merge VA Hospitals & Local Hospitals

    Vets, listen up: My great-grandpappy was a teenage Civil War hero and pensioner, shot 4 times. He keeps bugging me to declare this: In the early history of this nation, medical services for the veteran should have merged with local hospitals and nursing homes to form one united private/govt healthcare system for the entire country. It’s absolutely insane there’s a separate VA hospital down the road from the local hospital. Vets, you have another war to win: fight to correct this. When did our vets ever turn from correcting a wrong?

  • tom van alstine

    Someday people will realize that pandering to protected classes is never productive and veterans are no different.Why not encourage veterans to get off their butts,quit whinning and standup on their own two feet and most importantly stop depending on the gov’t for everything.

  • Charles

    Branstad cares so much about his fellow vets he allowed a abusive wack job run the Iowa Vets Home even after there were large numbers of cases of abuse by that man. It took a very large outcry from workers and the vets themselfs before Branstad would ever consider action.Vote this man out of office in November and show you care about our vets.

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