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AGRIBUSINESS: Northey Wants Governor To Sign Bill

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The Iowa Secretary of Agriculture called on Terry Branstad yesterday to sign portions of the bill SF 2363 that provides $60 million to pay off state debt and $11.2 million for water quality and conservation programs.

Secretary Bill Northey compared government to a family; he says when there are funds left over the government should pay off debt and invest in priorities like conservation. The bill passed the Iowa House of Representatives 97-0 and the Iowa Senate 26-22

It provides $3.5 million in one-time funding specifically for the Iowa Water Quality Initiative.

Governor Branstad expressed frustration earlier this month that the bill appropriated one-time money from this year’s budget into next years. He said he would look over the one-time funds carefully and indicated some lines of the bill had a chance of veto.

Major agricultural groups in Iowa like the Farm Bureau say the one-time funds are important to agriculture.