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BUS DANGER: Mother’s Warning To City, Mayor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Last week, Rose Hill city leaders agreed to put a school bus stop in front of the home of a convicted child sexual abuser.

But the mother of the little girl who was preyed upon by that man is speaking out to tell people in Rose Hill what a bad idea the city's plan is.

Rose Hill Mayor Kyle Morgan told Channel 13 last week level three sex offender Joey Keen isn't a danger to children.

"He's low risk. It's not like he did nothing major. I really don't know what he did to put a judgment against him. You know, sometimes they get that for done little things," Morgan told Channel 13.

But the mother we spoke to disagrees. Back in 1996, Keen was convicted of sexually abusing her daughter.

“It's hard knowing what he did. He victimized a two year old little girl," she said. "I was horrified. I couldn't believe that he had done that to a little girl. And I know if he ever had the chance again he'd do it. I know he would."

The woman, who we’re choosing not to identify, also says she later found out Keen abused her four-year-old son.

"Abused him so bad to the point where it was possible that he might not have had any eyesight in one of his eyes because of how bad he beat him. And later on too it came out that he also sexually assaulted my own son."

Keen has a long, violent arrest record that includes assault, domestic assault and assaulting a police officer. The woman we spoke with can't understand why the mayor of Rose Hill would consider this "nothing major."

The mayor didn’t respond to our requests for an interview today but he did however leave plenty of comments for us on our website.

"Outsiders are not welcome here. Never have been. I've lived here my whole life. I know. News media don't know (expletive) they need to stay in the big city with all their yuppie friends and keep liberalism there.”

And "News 13 annoyed me when that happens you get punkie answers because at that point that means I no longer like you and want to be around you. It’s like get out of my face puke yuppie."

The victim’s mother says the people of Rose Hill should be afraid of Keen though.

“Don’t ever let your kids out of sight because you never know when he could come out that door."

The superintendent of Oskaloosa schools says there is no way he will allow Rose Hill to put a bus stop in front of a convicted sex offender's house.


  • Holly Johnson

    It sounds like the mayor is a red neck hick. Are you kidding me, how was this man voted into position? I’d hate to meet all of those who supported him into election. Can you imagine? Lol.

  • Lisa

    I’m glad I don’t live in Rose Hill. This mayor doesn’t shed a positive light on the community. Thankfully the school is in charge of the placement of the bus stop.

  • Bridget Bauer

    The mayor of Rose Hill sounds like an uneducated moron that really needs to get out of the back woods and figure out what the real world is all about. He has a monster living in his town and is totally willing to put all the children of his town in danger. How can a man like this be the mayor?

  • Dustin

    The mayor is probably related to the guy beings its such a small town. That’s probably why he thinks the guy isn’t a danger to kids.

  • Sniper#2bravo

    Ladies and gentlemen let me introduce you to the village idiot! He escaped and has been found in the town of Rose Hillbillies! He was voted in to the top hillbilly position. This man has to be the dumbest person I have seen in 40 years. I’m going to venture and say that he has molested kids and that’s why he is fine with this. If Rose Hill does not get this idiot hillbilly out of office and return him to the mental hospital, than that city needs to be labeled as the dumbest city in America.

    • Patti Guy Sheeler

      I’m guessing that there is a lot more to the story between the mayor and the child sexual abuser. It sure sounds like he is trying to hide something, otherwise, what is the big deal with a news station trying to find out people’s thoughts on the matter of the bus stop? This would raise a big, red flag for me and if I were a person in their community or even a reporter for WHO TV, I would be looking further into this situation. It just doesn’t sit right.

  • Holly Johnson

    I know, right? It’s hard to actually believe that a mayor of any city speaks with incorrect grammar. At first I thought it was some typos then realized they were “quotting” him word for word. You’d expect something like this in the Deep South, but in Iowa. OMG! I’m almost embarrassed to say in from Iowa at all with mayors like this running around!

  • Zippy

    The real question is the guy lives right next to the town park and there houses down from the approved bus stop by oskaloosa school now with nopolice in town why hasn’t mahala county sheriff did anything about this?

  • Hawk00077

    From the mayors comments it sounds like schools were not welcome there either. Unbelievable…I wonder if he really knows what “liberalism” means?

  • Supraman

    Lol wow to that pathetic excuse of a mayor. Kind of an embarrassment that this is a city within Iowa. ….

  • DeDe

    This mayor is a sad excuse for a human being !!!! Saying he’s not worried about it as his children are older now !!!!!! REALY !!!!!! This is a very serious matter.

  • Mariah

    How in the world did this mayor get voted into public office? He is unprofessional, rude, and his sentence structure, to put it simply, sucks. I just graduated high school last week and I can say with confidence that I’d probably make a better mayor. Sad…

  • LKM

    Sounds like Bussey, you don’t need a city council because the mayor is running the show. Perhaps the people of Rose Hill should get a petition together and impeach the idiot!

  • BCL

    In today’s world where there have been numerous children kidnapped and murdered by SEX OFFENDERS….let’s put a bus stop by one’s house. Once an offender, always an offender. How would this mayor feel if a child was harmed under his “watch”…his neck will be the next on the chopping block.
    I used to live in Rose Hill and actually was proud to say that. Small country town like that are few and far between. But after hearing about this disturbing story…not only am I ASHAMED to bring up Rose Hill as my hometown…I am DISAPPOINTED that Rose Hill is being represented by such a small minded person. I pray we don’t hear about Rose Hill in a negative way..especially involving children…..

  • Amanda Van Der Veer

    It doesnt matter if the charge was little or big! He did something to a little girl and was put on the sex offender registry! That is enough!!!! Move the bus stop! If my grandpa was still around he would be so ashamed of what you guys are doing! Those children need protection and you are leaving them out in the open! So ashamed to know that I was raised around there and you guys are not doing anything about this! If the bus stop is left the mayor needs to be sitting there every day before and after school to watch and make sure those children stay safe!!!!

  • Jo

    When is sexually abusing a child ” nothing major?” That mayor does not need to be in the position he’s in. It’s his duty to protect the children of his community, period. He is a moron!

  • Promethius

    This mayor wins the idiot of the year award. “my kids are raised so it doesn’t really affect me”. How can a public official make such an totally insensitive and stupid statement. The town should impeach this poor excuse for a human being. Run the bum (mayor) out of town!!!

  • Jess

    Please don’t judge small town Iowa by Mayor Idiot. Not everyone that lives in a small town is a backwards hick. This guy sounds like something out of Deliverance.

  • Mike Cee

    Mayor Morgan is clearly the result of years of inbreeding. He stands as a shining example of ignorance, held by his local community to the absolute lowest standards possible.

    How do you call someone an absolute idiot when you happen to be in Rose Hill? “Hey, aren’t you Kyle Morgan?”

  • John

    My fav is in the video in the begining mayor Idiot says ” I dont have no kids in school so it dont affect me much” I hope this city finds a by law in their charter that allows them to release this idiot from his duties.

  • marg

    Ok I used to oive in rose hill and when we were living there the kids got on the bus down by the city park. What ever happened to that? I know that is all about what the maor said but it is a simple fix. JUST MOVE THE BUS STOP. Of course we can’t telk people where to live or anything like that but those people are everywhere and we can’t so muxh about it. But we can prevent the kids feom being forced to go by his home. If read right all the towns community wanted is for the bus stop to be moved. So do it. My kids stilk ride the same bus they did when they lived there and the driver calls me everytime a stop has changed so I knpw he would do what is nessasary to make a bad situation better. Just move the stop there used to be 2 bus stops its not rocket scince just move the stop that’s all. How ever what to do about a mayor who don’t care for anyone but him and his own that is up to the town. Not a good choice to have voted him in th.

  • SKP

    He never was very smart back in the days–and i am ashamed to admit Rose Hill was my home town. To even think that he is the mayor is ridiculous– WTH is the city council thinking to even elect him as mayor. It’s just absurd. People of Rose Hill – get the law involved!!!

  • Iowa Lawmaker

    Tis dont affect me none,mines are all growed up . I don’t like you city folk comin round here usin your fancy weasel words.

  • Jess

    Notice how there hasn’t been one person from Rose Hill come forward and defend the mayor?? how DID the man get elected? Was he the only one who showed up to vote so he voted himself in?

    • Jebediah Deeznutts

      I voted for our mayor here in Rose Hill. He is a great man and is goin to lead our fine city into the 20th century and keep us safe from the outside world full of demons and devils. Amen!

      • Tammy M

        I really hope your comment was sarcasm. If it wasn’t, you’re a whole century behind. LOL

      • Sniper#2bravo

        I hope your joking because if your not your as big of an idiot than he is. Here is the deal, anyone who defends this type of hypocrisy and ignorance is just as closed minded and as dumb as he is. I have never seen anyone as dumb as the two of you. Anyone who sides with someone who is ok with someone who hurts kids and closes the door of welcoming others into his community is an idiot. Last I read the bible Jesus came to save the sinner and not accept the sin. This idiot needs to resign TODAY or Rose Hill is a horrible place. I would never drive through this town until this Mayor is GONE!

      • skp

        Dear Deernutts or whoever u r.
        u must be in ur own little world, or just stupid. Really.

        Sounds like a liitle cult town.
        if u believe everything that man tells u, u are as stupid as hes always been.

  • Sniper#2bravo

    Someone needs to get this dork out of office and send the village idiot back to the village of the damed. They also need to investigate him to see if he has discriminated against people in the town and raped any children. The governor needs to step in and have the DCI investigate him and have him removed. He is not worried about no one but his kids and to hell with everyone else.

  • Sniper#2bravo

    I’m encouraging everyone that feels that this jerk needs to be taken out of office to encourage him to resign and to write the governor a letter asking him to investigate him and pull him out of office. He has made horrible remarks that separate and discriminate against a persons sexual orientation and racist remarks. I believe this man has ran people who were not like the other in his town out and has discriminated against them. If you happened to be one of those people I incur age you to contact the state police and assist them in any way. This man needs to be held accountable for anything that he may have done against gay people, outsiders, minorities or anyone else has discriminated against. If we do nothing about people like this, good people suffer!

  • mahaska res

    I find these comments too funny. Not because they aren’t true and that the mayor is a idiot, but because if any of you went to rose hill and spent an afternoon, you would understand. Rose hill IS the arm pit of mahaska county. Or maybe the hunch back inbred cousin that the county keeps locked in the basement and hopes no one will see it. That is why you have seen no one defend it, no other county official come forward, or anyone in the county shocked. Sorry Rose hill, your gene pool needs some bleach.

  • Concerned Parent

    So now MR. MAYOR do you think that it is something minor that he did? You might want to think about were that park is at and try to move if at all possible. You should of checked things out before you and the city council decided to put it there knowing that there is sex offender close by. Now that the truth about Joey Keen is out now what are you going to do?

  • unanimously spooked

    I used to live live in rose hill. Its a twisted little town. If the DEA or the FBI were to investigate that town people would he surprised as to what turns up.

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