IOWA OPERATION: Immigration Fugitives Arrested

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More than a dozen people were arrested during a US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement raid in Iowa last week.

ICE officials say seven people in Des Moines and seven more in western Iowa were arrested last week.

All 14 were illegal immigrants previously convicted of immigration crimes.

They know face up to 20 years in prison each for illegally re-entering the country.


  • Jess

    send them back where they came from and actually close the border!! Why should my taxes pay for room and board for these illegals?
    I’m sorry, I know everyone will say I am racist. I’m not, I don’t care what color you are or where you are from if you are here illegally, you are breaking the law and should not benefit from those that are here legally.

    Come in legally and I will welcome you wholeheartedly. Come in illegally and you are just another felon and we don’t need you, we have enough of those already!

  • M'town man sick of it

    Those arrested should of lived in Marshalltown . They would still be walking our streets today. M’town is a sanctuary city that looks the other way on illegals for the need of its meat packing industry. Check out M’towns most wanted online.

    • Jess

      I would rather pay more for my meat in the store and get rid of the illegals.
      We might be paying them less to do the jobs, but, we are still paying to have them here. They use the ER like a clinic, they jack up auto insurance rates due to the high number of uninsured in the areas they live in.
      I had someone say to me once that illegals are ok because they just want to make a better life for their family. I think we all do, but, we still have to abide by the law.

  • David John Francis

    Do not vote for the same old Republicans and don’t vote for the same old Democrats. Vote only for the issues that a politician have promised to pass into law, which you approve? VOTE ONLY FOR THE ISSUES THAT DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION? Be decisive and don’t be misled by the rhetoric, lies or propaganda. As an example, vote for the moderate Conservatives in the Republican Party and not the hard-core establishment. Vote namely the insurgent TEA PARTY whose constructive essential issues are;

    No Amnesty for Illegal Aliens. Allow only into these country legal immigrants with skills; not those already under Obama’s wing, to eat at the cornucopia benefit trough.
    Cut federal spending.
    Start reducing the size of government.
    Abolish the IRS and establish a fair tax. (Nobody will be exempt, not even politicians or their cronies)
    Reduce politicians to two terms of office.
    Institute a National digital ID card for identification.
    That no elected politician is above the law; held accountable for violations and can be forced to resign, fined and for criminal acts go to prison.

    Focus on your concerns, not what the two parties ideologies are? If you vote for the same people, NOTHING WILL EVER CHANGE. The majorities of Politicians paper their walls with our tax money and still covet more? They are drafting reams of new Rules and Regulations, to implement avenues to extract more money from those who work for a living, for the benefit of the parasites. President Obama is spending our future, our grandchildren in his entitlement culture.

    My opinion: We should have an impartial office where “whistleblowers” can report corporate and governmental irregularities, corruption and fraud. Obama’s elected officials are undermining American sovereignty and liberties,

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