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MURDER TWIST: Husband Goes Before Judge

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A Tama man made his first appearance in court Wednesday morning after being charged in his wife’s murder Tuesday.

Dustin Jefferson was charged with Murder in the First Degree or Aiding and Abetting in the murder of his wife, Kerry O'Clair Jefferson.

Kerry O'Clair Jefferson was found dead in her Tama County home last September.

Dustin Jefferson's mother, 57-year old Ginger Jefferson was convicted for First Degree Murder in her death on Tuesday.

Dustin Jefferson was served the paper work for his murder charge 12 minutes before his mother was convicted, he's currently in jail awaiting trial on an unrelated charge.

During his first court appearance, Tama County Magistrate Rich Vander Mey read Dustin Jefferson his rights and explained what the charges mean.

Toledo resident Kenny Mervin says it's hard to hear about the case, since he knew everyone involved.

“I was shocked when I heard Kerry had been murdered, absolutely shocked, and when I heard Ginger was involved I thought there is no way it just can`t be,” says Mervin.

Mervin says finding out Dustin is also linked to the crime was a shock and says the entire case is a very sad situation.

“It hurt, It hurts this community because it`s a small community and everybody knows everybody. I knew Ginger, I knew Kerry, I knew Dustin,” says Mervin.

The preliminary hearing for Dustin Jefferson has been scheduled for June 6th. He is being held on a bond of $1 million in the Tama County Jail.

Dustin Jefferson is currently awaiting trial for a sex abuse case.

According to court documents Jefferson had sex with a 12-year-old on several occasions. Records say it all happened on the Meskwaki Settlement between May and June of 2013. Jefferson was charged with five counts of 3rd degree sex abuse and giving marijuana to the victim.

His trial for these charges is set for October 13th also in Tama County.


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    This fine upstanding citizen had sex with a 12 year old and gave her marijuana. I realize that this is not murder, however, he is not a fine upstanding citizen and I can believe anything he is accused of. I see no shock in this scenario. Maybe the wife was threatening to expose him further on the earlier charges.

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