WEATHER BALLOON: DM School’s Camera Survives 90,000 Ft. Fall

earth cam

A Des Moines school gave their students a unique perspective of the earth.

Students at Callanan Middle School attached a camera to a weather balloon and let it go. The camera was put in a tool box with a GPS tracker.

It flew as high as 90,000 feet into the stratosphere before the balloon popped.

Luckily the camera survived the 17-mile fall and landed in a farmer’s field.

The teachers who helped with the experiment say that projects like this are what show kids how fun science can be.

“They really enjoy it, they get a lot out of it,” Gerald Joseph said. “Science Bound (Program) has been around for 21-22 years so it’s a good example of kids being able to learn science hands on and see a connection between science and math.”

The school first did the project last year after watching a video on the internet.


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