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STATE SENATE: South-Side Primary Race ‘Aggressive’

senate 17 primary

The three way democratic primary contest to replace Jack Hatch in the state senate this November is bringing out voters.

Hatch is running for governor.

Campaigns for Tony Bisignano, Nathan Blake and Ned Chiodo are keeping Des Moines south-side mailboxes, voice mails and front doors busy.

Bisignano and Chiodo are longtime prominent names in democratic politics.

Blake’s a newcomer compared to them.

The Polk County auditor called the race very aggressive.

“What we’re seeing is a lot of mail, aggressive door knocking and lot of robo-calls. We’ve had 18 pieces of mail from these three candidates which have highlighted among other things, character, endorsements and issues and a lot of experience,” Polk County auditor Tony Bisignano said on a recording of The Insiders.

Fitzgerald added this is the fifth different election in the past nine months on a variety of issues for voters in that senate district.

You can watch more of the interview on Sunday on The Insiders at 9:30 a.m.

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