GRASSLEY TOUR: Town Hall Meetings

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Republican Iowa senator Charles Grassley is on his annual 99-county tour of Iowa.

For a number of years, Grassley has used the U.S. Senate’s summer break to tour each county in the state and hear what is on the minds of Iowans.

In Chariton on Thursday Grassley shared that he expects court rulings any day on two cases he has battled the White House on.  One concerns the claim by the White House of executive privilege on withholding the release of 70,000 documents on the Fast and Furious operation.

The other deals with the President’s recess appointments when Congress. Grassley says he hopes the judge in both cases with rule in favor of the Oversight Committee on those issues.  He fears oversight will no longer be possible over the executive branch.

Grassley also heard concerns over immigration, a balanced budget, and who the next director of the Peace Corps would be. The senator told the audience he doesn’t care if someone is a Democrat or Republican, he wants to take their question or comment.

Mr. Grassley was able to converse in great detail on many subjects, others he will seek information. Every question he gets is written on a legal pad, so he can remember what was asked. Grassley concludes this round of town hall meetings on Friday with stops in Pella and Bloomfield.