IN CUSTODY: Bounty Hunter Finds David Flores

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After eight months on the run, David Flores is in custody and heading back to Iowa.

Flores became a free man in 2012 after 15 years in prison. He was released after winning a new murder trial that ended with a plea deal.

Once out, Flores was arrested three times in two months. The most recent arrest stemmed from an alleged attack on his ex-girlfriend.

Back in September, police say Flores approached his ex-girlfriend, took her to a home on East 13th Street, and repeatedly assaulted her. The next morning, according to police, the woman escaped and called 911. FLORES CAPTUREDFlores was charged with domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, willful injury causing bodily injury, and several other charges.

After bonding out, police said Flores skipped town. Eight months later, his run from the law is over.

He was tracked down and taken into custody by a bounty hunter in Phoenix, Arizona.

His father told Channel 13, Flores only left because he was being harassed by police and wanted to start a new life.

"We are very hopeful that when David gets here the county attorney will drop the charges so that David can go and go back where he was and start a new life and get a good job and forget about all these problems that he had in Iowa,” David’s dad Angel Flores said.

Flores is expected to be back in Des Moines sometime Saturday.

A Des Moines police spokesman said the department is not yet aware of Flores' capture.


  • Troy Hendrickson

    Sarcones office just slapped the wrist of the cop who beat up his girlfriend, let him plead to criminal mischief. But he was a cop, and he was white of course so he had that going for him…

  • Justice

    Poor him. Of course it can only be the fault of the police. Couldn’t have anything to do with this violent criminal. Yeah, he should start another new life in an Iowa prison squealing like a pig. To his father: drop charges…seriously???

  • William Denison

    I wonder if the bounty hunter gave him a cigarette and prayed to some imaginary ghost like on TV.

  • Martin Botts

    Let’s not forget that those charges are alleged, if you got out after serving 15 years on a crime you didn’t do wouldn’t you run too.

    • Concerned Iowan

      Really? That is one of three crimes he committed since he was released and I am pretty sure the woman who was beaten and turned him in was pretty good evidence of a crime.

  • Truthhurts

    The Des Moines register will start the flood of Flores sympathy pieces again. Way to back a member of the worst family in Iowa. If David was looking for work in Phoenix it could only be with the cartel.

  • TeamTruth

    It’s so easy for people to pass judgment on an individual that you know nothing besides what media wants you to know about. Yes.. It’s hard not to in this case but seriously none of you know him or any part of truth behind any of this. Stop being so judge mental!

    • frank brewer

      You can’t be serious!!! 3 arrests in 2 months, then skip out on his bail bondsman. I guess you are one of those who believe in giving the less than desireable chances until something tragic happens. The facts on the surface is enough for me to be make a judgement.

  • Be a man.

    Any man that would beat a woman or child is a dog. And that is an insult to dogs!

    If you feel like pounding on someone, at least pick someone who has the chance to pound ya back.

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