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REMEMBERING KARA: Vigil Set For 6-Year-Old Girl

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Friends and family plan to gather at sunset Sunday to remember Kara Meyer, 6, from Montezuma, who died Wednesday when an off-road utility vehicle rolled over on top of her.

Kara had been in the vehicle, while her father checked on some cattle. The vehicle had stopped on the shoulder of the road and tipped over.

The vigil is planned to take place at the Poweshiek County Courthouse.

Kara’s friends started an online fundraising campaign to help her family with medical expenses. You can find out how to help here.


    • Jodi

      What a horrible thing to say about a family that has just lost their daughter!!! Accidents happen everyday. I suppose the thousands of people killed in car accidents are stupid as well? Whomever you are you need to crawl back under the rock you slithered out from. It’s so easy to make ignorant comments like that when your not the one enduring the mental anguish? Karma friend for your fork tongue.

      • accidents vs avoidable deaths.

        If they were doing something in their car that makes the accident very avoidable (putting on makeup, texting, driving drunk, not having their kids properly belted in, speeding, the list goes on and on), then yes, they were stupid.

        I think ‘stupid’ is a harsh word to use here. I feel horrible for this family. Obviously the father never intended for the little girl to get hurt.

        But, just because he didn’t intend for it to happen, it doesn’t mean that he didn’t make a mistake in the way he handled things. Maybe he didn’t make any mistakes, maybe everything he did was perfectly legal and done in the safest way possible and this was just a horrible accident.

        I guess I haven’t enough to know if that was true or not. We don’t know if the vehicle has seatbelts, if so, was she in hers and in it properly? at 6, she probably should still be in a booster seat in a car, is that true with this ATV as well? Did she need some sort of car seat so the seat belt was secure?

        As gimmieabreak pointed out, there have been other children hurt too in accidents…avoidable accidents. This one needs to be investigated to see if it too was avoidable.

  • gimmieabreak

    Come on people.
    It’s not like this farmer shot his neighbor dead in the head and then dragged the body ¼ mile to the nearest well or anything.
    All farmers get at least one “get out of jail free card.”
    The child that fell into a campfire
    (mother charged with child endangerment)
    The child that was shot with dad’s gun
    (dad charged with child endangerment)
    The farmer that, well you know the story,
    (no charges filed)
    All preventable accidents (especially this one) but everyone knows all farmers get a free pass.
    We are farmers, “bum bada bum bum bum”

  • Debbie

    I rarely post my opinions on any form of media. However, I feel such a strong need to stand up against the ignorance and hatred being expressed mostly on the news blogs of the stations many of us watch on a regular basis.
    I’m always full of pride when I say that I’m raising my children in a small Iowa community .Iowa is an amazing state for so many reasons, our compassion for our fellow neighbor, our ethic that hard work is a privilege, not burden, our love of our families; and the knowledge that it does take a village to raise our children with love and respect.
    When one of our community members is hurting, we all hurt, and will be there in any and every way we can to love and support that family. I’ve been on the receiving and giving end of this, and it’s miraculous!!
    So when we loose a precious, young member of our communities, it rocks our cores, yet we stand united together, protecting and loving that family.
    For almost one week now as we’ve all come together to support, love, and mourn with this family of our communities, I’ve read blog after blog tearing this family to shreds in such cruel and evil ways, it makes me so sad for the lack of compassion and empathy from these ignorant people. Our Maker, and all of us know the love that this child was surrounded with all of her life. I know in my heart that is what truly matters. I know God has wrapped his arms around this family and He is working through all of us giving us the tools we need to support them in His way.
    So as I pray constantly for this family and our communities, I WILL pray for the ignorant, and pray they never experience anything as tragic, as this ACCIDENT, and if they do, that they’re not thrown to wolves by ignorant peoples words.

    • jess

      What if your little 6 year old girl had spent the night with Kara the night before this accident so she was in the vehicle with them? what if she is the one that was killed when it tipped over? Would you still be saying ‘well, accidents happen’, or would you be upset and thinking that perhaps your little daughter should not have been in that vehicle?

      Accidents do happen. I do feel for this family and cannot imagine the depth of their loss.

  • gimmieabreak

    Iowa is no different than any other state, or community in crisis, whether it’s natures fury or manmade negligence.
    factually Iowa is probably the most self-centered-greed-driven state in the continental US, but that’s another story.
    like it or not someone should be held accountable for this preventable accident.
    I will pray for those too blind to see.

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