TOP SPOT: Exclusive Interview With Front-Runner Ernst, Romney

State Senator Joni Ernst has emerged as the solid front-runner in the crowded Republican primary race for the U.S. Senate. A new Des Moines Register Iowa Poll out Saturday night shows Ernst with a double-digit lead over her closest competitor, Mark Jacobs, the retired business executive.

Channel 13 News talked with Ernst and one of her V.I.P. backers, two-time presidential candidate Mitt Romney, following their campaign rally Friday afternoon in Davenport.

–Ernst discussed what’s next following the scandal with the nation’s veterans health┬ásystem.

–Romney addressed talk he should take over the system.

–They both discounted a difference in beliefs they have with each other.

–And Ernst talked about what she said was a slip of the tongue during a debate on a mass killing in California and pushed back against Democrats who have attacked her for it.




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