THE INSIDERS: Hall, Fitzgerald & Hill Part 3

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The U.S. has only run budget surpluses in four of the past forty years (1998 - 2001).  A group called Vote 2 Reduce Debt wants to push candidates to push Washington to cut spending.

Channel 13's Dave Price talks to Randy Hill, a spokesperson for this group in this segment. Hill shares why he thinks this group is different from others focused on debt reduction and one thing his group won't support for the country to spend less.


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  • William Denison

    Randy Hill says Ernest served in Afghanistan. Didn’t happen.
    He says the all the money he gets from a old Texas oil tycoon supports only those who don’t rise taxes yet little Joni rised taxes and even voted to tax online purchases.He clearly is part of the Bush/Rove clan and so is dirty little Joni. He spoke of our national dept yet failed to mention that his boy GW Bush’s wars cost us over 2 trillion dollars and still growing and his other boy Ted Cruz who cost our country over 30 billion dollars and alot of people their jobs and childern their medication while playing the shut down our government game.He failed to mention the total crash of our economy due to the greed mongers that is the republican party These people are pure poison to the American way of life and who are only out for themselfs and are purely greed driven .Its funny to me how people have such short memories.Or maybe they are just bobbleheads agreeing to anything and everything they are told.

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