THREE MINUTES: Candidate Tony Bisignano

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The third of the three Democrats, Tony Bisignano, took his turn spending Three Minutes in the Chair.

Bisignano, along with Ned Chiodo, and Nathan Blake, are hoping to replace Senator Jack Hatch in the Iowa Senate.

Bisignano is a former state senator who left office in 1997.

Click to watch Ned Chiodo and Nathan Blake’s Three Minutes interviews.


  • William Denison

    Rob Ford Jr. Get cleaned up and stay cleaned up then come back in a few years to never.You had your chance to rob us all blind the first time you was is the state senate or maybe he did. No do overs.

  • Jenny

    William Denison, get your facts together before you randomly make comments of which you know nothing about. Tony has worked hard for the residents of Polk County, not only on the south side but as a whole. He is true to his word and isn’t about trashing or bad mouthing his unworthy opponent, Ned Chiodo.

  • Concerned South Sider

    People need to know the real Ned Chiodo. The man who plays dirty and will stop at nothing to win this election. The man who is paying $10.00 for each ballet his so called volunteers are turning in. The man who has hired people to follow his opponents and people associated with him. Let’s all get to know the real Ned Chiodo.

  • William Denison

    Nathan Blake is the best man for the job. Stand up kinda guy, wanting to do the right thing.

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