ONE MILLION: Zombie Burger Celebrates Milestone

A popular Des Moines restaurant is celebrating a major milestone.

On Sunday, Zombie Burger sold its 1,000,000 burger. According to executive chef Tom McKern, the burger was ordered at about 8:30 p.m. Sunday by Darica Drake of Carlisle. She ordered a single patty Zombie Burger.

Darcia received a $1,000 gift card and everyone in the restaurant received a free t-shirt.

Zombie Burger opened in Des Moines' East Village neighborhood in August of 2011, serving burgers like "Dead Moines", "The Walking Ched", "Dawn of the Dead" and more.

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    • BrutallyHonest

      The prices here are no different, and in a lot of cases, much cheaper than any other place to get a good burger. You cannot compare the prices at Zombie Burger to McDonalds. Great place to eat!

      • John

        BrutallyHonest you need to get out more. Smash burger and B&B have the best burgers in the metro and you do not pay for the marketing. Better yet you keep going to Zombie, that way I have one less person in line in front of me

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