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DECISION 2014: Live Election Updates

Keep up with live election results as they come in HERE.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:52 pm

Here’s a round up of the night’s results so far in pictures:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:46 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:42 pm

“Iowa Democrats are thrilled to congratulate Pat Murphy on winning the
Democratic nomination in the First Congressional District tonight,” Iowa
Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan said.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:41 pm

Monte Shaw has told Channel 13 he looks forward to a clean slate during the delegate convention.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:36 pm

Channel 13’s Dave Price says Iowa Republicans plan to hold the Iowa 3rd
District delegate convention after the state convention on June 14.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:34 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:29 pm

Come November, the general election will look like this:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:26 pm

Joni Ernst began her victory speech by thanking her family before turning to her opposition.

“What I want to do is work really hard to gain the trust and support of all
of their (other GOP primary candidates) support too. It’s going to take
the whole of this party to unite and win together. We have one common
goals and that is to defeat Bruce Braley.”

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:16 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:14 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:12 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:07 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:07 pm

Jacobs says he will support Ernst “100%” as she becomes the first female GOP candidate running for the U.S. Senate in his concession speech.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:02 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 201410:00 pm

Insider projections:

US House District 1

GOP – Rod Blum to win

Dems – Too close to call

US House District 2

GOP – Marianette Miller-Meeks to face incumbent Dave Loebsack (D)

US House District 3

GOP – To got to district convention to pick a candidate to face Staci Appel (D)

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:52 pm

Channel 13 insiders have projected a win for Joni Ernst.

The state senator from Red Oak is trying to become the first woman ever to represent Iowa in Congress.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:41 pm

Insiders project a solid second place for Sam Clovis on the Senate race. Joni Ernst to win.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:35 pm

“I congratulate Senator Jack Hatch on securing the Democratic nomination
for Governor of Iowa,” Iowa Democratic Party Chairman Scott Brennan

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:34 pm

“I’m deeply honored to win the Democratic nomination for US Senate tonight” –

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:22 pm

Our Insiders believe the US House District 3 will go to convention to decide a candidate.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:18 pm

With 89% of precincts reporting, Governor Branstad has held off Tom Hoefling’s challenge with 85% of the vote.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:14 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:14 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:13 pm

With 9% of precincts reporting, Ernst has 57% of the vote.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:13 pm

Insider Jerry Crawford projects a Joni Ernst win. She needs at least 35% to avoid going to a state nominating convention.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:07 pm

Early numbers are coming in HERE.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20149:05 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20148:33 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20148:10 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20148:09 pm

Less than an hour of voting remains…

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20148:02 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20148:02 pm

In the Senate race, Mark Jacobs told Channel 13 he hopes the race gets settled tonight.

“Well, 35-percent is an important threshold. If we get 35-percent tonight, I
think that’s the best outcome if voters decide this. If not this will go
to the state convention and we’ll be prepared for that strategy if it
ends up going there. But my hope is this will be settled tonight by

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20147:50 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20147:49 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20147:21 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20147:14 pm

State parties have been planning for months just in case races don’t get decided Tuesday.

With so many candidates in the Senate and the three House races, no one
may win primary night so delegates could pick at a special convention…

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:55 pm

David Young was trying to work his magic drumming up last minute support in downtown Des Moines today:

Aaron Hepker June 3, 20146:51 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:49 pm

Matt Schultz will be the first to know if he wins. The secretary of state is monitoring all races including his own:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:47 pm

Brad Zaun’s campaign await the results from their election headquarters in Beaverdale:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:43 pm

The most recent poll by Loras College had Brad Zaun in front
followed by current Secretary of State Matt Shultz.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:41 pm

District 3

With the retirement of Tom Latham, Iowa’s third seat is also open.

And like the Senate race, democratic former state senator Staci Appel is running unopposed.

Meanwhile, it’s a crowded field on the republican side.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:40 pm

District 2

Incumbent Dave Loebsack (D) could end up facing a familiar opponent. In 2008 and 2010 he defeated Marianette Miller-Meeks. She is seeking
the republican nomination for a third time against Mark Lofgren and
Matthew Waldren.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:39 pm

District 1

With Bruce Braley looking to win Tom Harkin’s Senate seat, five
democratic and three republican candidates are aiming to take over from
the representative’s House District 1 seat.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:29 pm

Democrat and Des Moines attorney Jerry Crawford and Republican and former GOP state chair Mike Mahaffey give their take on the day’s races:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:28 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:23 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:22 pm

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:18 pm

Mark Jacobs has spent nearly $3-million on his campaign:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:18 pm

Attorney and former Hawkeye football player Matt Whitaker is hoping to
celebrate a win tonight at Mama Lacona’s Restaurant in Urbandale:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:14 pm

Hear from Joni Ernst at campaign headquarters at the Des Moines Social Club:

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:12 pm

You can still vote until 9 p.m.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:12 pm

The latest Des Moines Register poll has state senator Joni
Ernst as the front runner, followed by Mark Jacobs and Matt Whitaker.

Sam Hoyle June 3, 20146:10 pm

It’s one of the most watched races in the entire country.

On the democratic side Representative Bruce Braley ran
unopposed for the democratic nomination.

Five candidates are in the running for the republican


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