CLEAN SLATE: Unpredicable Convention Ahead

The primary is over but not all the races are settled. Six candidates are still trying to become the Republican nominee in the 3rd Congressional District. None of the candidates won 35 – percent of the Tuesday’s vote.

As a result, 513 elected delegates will elect a nominee in the June 21st GOP convention. Even candidate with the fewest votes have a shot at nomination however even the candidates with the fewest vote have a shot at the nomination. They’ll make a 5 – minute speech to the group and delegate will vote. They will do this as many times as needed until the delegates come to a majority decision. However, Joe Grandenette, the candidate who received the least amount of votes Tuesday night, says he may withdraw from the convention.

The last GOP convention was in 2002. Congressman Steve King was the front runner of the primary but was not able to collect 35 – percent of the vote. King ultimately ended up winning the convention after surviving two rounds of voting.

Reflecting on past conventions, delegate John Stineman, says the outcome of this convention will be hard to predict.

“I would say the returns on Tuesday night are not necessarily an indication of how the convention will play.”

The convention will take place at Creston High School.

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