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GUBERNATORIAL RACE: Branstad, Hatch Kickoff Fall Campaigns

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Governor Branstad will start a 14 city campaign kickoff tour Wednesday.

Branstad held off primary challenger Tom Hoefling with 85-percent of the vote.

His first stop is in Oskaloosa. The governor will also make stops today in Ottumwa, Mount Pleasant, Burlington and Davenport.

Jack Hatch launched his fall campaign Tuesday night. The democrat is challenging Governor Branstad who has a considerable lead when it comes to fundraising.

Hatch said he is not concerned about the race to raise funds.

“He will have a lot more money than I will. But we will have enough to get our message across and have a full campaign. This is going to be a campaign about his administration and about what I can do with a new administration,” the long-time state senator from Des Moines said.


  • Hatch, what say you about O-bowel-ma?

    Born and raised an Iowa Democrat, on an Iowa family farm settled before the Civil War, I’m so embarrassed by what spews from top donkeys leading the Donkey Party. Our last decent Democrat was Truman. When did leftist extremists kidnap the Democratic Party? Jack “Down The Hatch” Hatch, if you have distanced yourself from O-bowel-ma, we need to hear you say it more often. If not, go back to your hobby. And tell Vilsack to crawl out from beneath the rock where he’s hiding and hoping nobody finds out he’s the lunch money bully for Obama’s dingbat wife. O-bowel-ma will be impeached and thrown out of office by the Republican Senate. How many more reasons and acts of treason do we need?

  • John

    Though you make many assertions and insults, you offer no proof or facts to substantiate your positions on any of your positions.
    Why do you think Hatch is an idiot? Why do you agree? Without facts or reasoning you sound like morons.

    The problem with politics isn’t the idiotic and unqualified candidates, its citizens who invest no thought in why they stand on one side or the other of an issue.

    I like that my children could continue coverage under my insurance while they were in college. I like that my cousin who got fired for taking too many sick days while in chemo could find coverage. I like that the implementation of the ACA made absolutely no change in my coverage. What specific effects has the ACA had on your life in a tangible manner that make you think its a bad law?

    Don’t just spout what the morons in DC put out, especially when they are in position to change what they don’t like… except that the President of the United States can’t check ‘caucasian’ on his census form.

    THINK before you spout.

  • Coffee Pot

    I was thinking all the Democrats were sleeping when this was all going on….. apparently not.
    So what does Hatch stand for? besides republican naughty, republican bad………….???

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