HEAVY RAIN: Roads Washed Out In SW Iowa

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No tornadoes were reported in central Iowa, but many people in southwest Iowa are cleaning up following severe weather on Tuesday.

Heavy rainfall caused fairly substantial damage in the town of Leon.

“We have some roads washed out, some culverts washed out, we have water going around bridges, completely water logged is what the situation is,” Decatur County engineer Dan Doerfler explained.

Doerfler along with a couple dozen other staff members are spending the day touring the county, trying to measure the damage.

Until the water comes down, 15 to 25 roads will be closed, creating 10 to 15 mile detours for farmers and people in town.

He has advice for people living in the area.

“If you see water going over the road stay out of it and if you see the road closed barricades please do not go around them. It's for your safety and you can put yourself at serious jeopardy and risk if you go around those we don't want to see anybody get hurt,” Doerfler said.

Doerfler says FEMA will get involved if there's a disaster declaration in the county.