ISU STADIUM: Board Of Regents Approve $60m Plan

3 Aerial view from southwest

Jack Trice Stadium is officially getting a face lift.

The Iowa Board of Regents signed off on the plans Wednesday.

The empty grassy areas on the south end zone are being replaced. It will increase capacity by 13,000 making the home of the Iowa State Cyclones the third largest stadium in the Big 12 with 61,000.

A new entrance and plaza will go up along with 215 extra restroom stalls.

Completion of the $60-million project is planned for August of next year.

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  • Bob

    what if all the money spent on these sports empires was spent on more balanced recreational activities?

    activities where the average person was actually involved more than just sitting on a bench or a couch, yelling and consuming junk food and alcohol?

    think how much more healthy and happy everyone would be

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