SENATE RACE: Braley Ready For Ernst Attacks

State senator Joni Ernst won a five-way primary with more than 56-percent of the vote.

She fought off Mark Jacobs who spent $3-million of his money during the race. She will be facing the same money disadvantage in the general election.

Her opponent Congressman Bruce Braley didn’t have a primary challenge and has more than $2-million on hand.

He released his first general election campaign ad Wednesday.

Joni Ernst, the self-described small town Republican farm girl laid out the argument to Iowans about her democratic former trial lawyer opponent during her acceptance speech.

“Some might even attack me because I don’t have a law degree,” Ernst said.

Braley, the lawyer, was ready for her attack, with an opening argument of his own.

“I worked on farms. I’ve worked with farmers and on behalf of farmers. In Washington, I’ve been their champion on protecting the renewable fuels standard which Senator Ernst said she was opposed to on principle. I was their champion on a five year farm bill which she said she would have voted against,” Braley told Channel 13 during a taping of The Insiders.

Braley knows he’s also battling history. If Ernst beats him, she’d finally give the state its first female in the male-dominated Congress.

“State Senator Ernst has a record of serving in the Iowa Senate. I have a record of serving in Congress and I’m going to be talking to Iowa voters about my record of success,” Braley said.

For the next six months, they’ll both talk about their records and Iowans decide which one has success in November.

You can see more of the interview on Sunday from 9:30 a.m. on The Insiders.


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