SHARK TANK: School Business Project Gives Back

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As the school year comes to a close, Iowa Falls students are learning how to give back while learning math.

Eight grade math students in Laura Scott's class at Riverbend Middle School started a project based on the business-themed show Shark Tank.

Students created their own products and started their own business.

Mrs. Scott says all the businesses were successful, earning more than $1,200. The students decided to give the money back to the community.

One group bought supplies to donate to the area food pantry.

They learned real-life lessons while stocking the shelves for the agency.

"We applied math to real life, wasn't just set at your desk and do fractions or things that are never going to help you. But actually being able to create those spread sheets and go out to Hy-Vee and be able to shop and realize what stuff costs,” Eighth grader Lexie Hanson said.